Classroom Cleaning Checklist For Students And Teachers

As schools resume for academic sessions, so also does the need to provide a dirt-free learning environment which is also free of germs. Classrooms are usually quite standard and consist of desks, tables, boards, and lockers among other things.

Although cleaning a classroom will seem pretty much straightforward, using the cleaning checklist tool gives you better control and results. This is what we seek to achieve by providing you with a classroom cleaning checklist you can use.

Apart from the classroom area itself, there’s the toilet area that needs thorough cleaning too. All of these will be covered shortly.

Disinfecting the Classroom

Apart from cleaning, there’s always the need to frequently disinfect classrooms. These are hotbeds for germ activity and will need to be kept free of such through proper sanitization. You’ll need to target touchpoints as well as flat surfaces for disinfection too.

Before you commence cleaning, you’ll need to have the right tools and supplies. These are basic requirements and include disinfectant wipes, paper towels, fiber cloth, green multipurpose spray, air freshener, Swiffer mop, magic eraser, and nail polish remover.

Other supplies include vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, protective gloves, cleaning supplies caddy, magnetic wands, carpet sweepers, and Q-tips. These will be needed for a thorough clean of the classroom area.

Cleaning Tasks For Classroom

Here, we’ll go into details proper on specific classroom cleaning tasks to perform. These focus on various dirt accumulation points that will need to be taken care of.

They include;

Doors and Door Knobs

These parts of the classrooms are the most touched. Almost every student that enters or exits the classroom touches the door. This applies to the doorknob.

As such, there is an easy transfer of germs from one student to the next.

The dirt deposited on different points (especially doorknobs) on the door will need to be cleaned and disinfected. This cleaning should be done at the end of each day.

Room Light Switch

Although the need to put on the lights during class hours is mostly unnecessary, light switches get a great deal of touch and will need to be cleaned as well. This should be cleaned with disinfectant wipes.

Remove Cobwebs

Without frequent cleaning, there’s bound to be a buildup of cobwebs around the classroom. This is most common when schools are on vacation. On resumption, there’s usually a lot of cleaning to do. Cobwebs are common on ceiling and room corners as well as around desks and chairs.

Get rid of all such cobwebs plus the spiders to prevent them from weaving new webs.

Dust Ceiling Fans and Walls

Ceiling fans should also be included in the cleaning tasks to be performed. Get a ladder or other elevated surface and dust off the ceiling fans. Next, the walls should be wiped down of all dirt. Also, look out for any spot or stains on the wall and get rid of them.

Clean Desks, Tables and Counters

All flat surfaces should be dusted and cleaned. These include desks, tables, and counters. A clean and damp towel should be used for cleaning these surfaces.

Cleaning should be done at the end of each day in preparation for the next.


Deep cleaning will require the shelves to be tidied and cleaned but first, the shelves must be emptied of all files. Get these off and dust them. Next, the shelves should be properly dusted and cleaned. Return the items you’ve taken off the shelves and tidy them. Also, polish the shelves to improve their brilliance.

Filing Cabinets

Just like shelves, filing cabinets, and should be emptied and cleaned of all dirt. These items should be returned to their original place and tidied.

Clean Chalkboards

Chalkboards will require cleaning and the surrounding areas. Get to work by cleaning the chalkboard making it ready for the next day. Luckily, this is a simple task that takes little time. Chalk trays should be cleared and cleaned with new chalks replaced.


Soap and paper dispensers should be checked and refilled appropriately. Also, maintain these dispensers by cleaning and dusting them regularly.


The classroom floors should be properly cleaned. For deep cleaning, these floors should be washed once a month, sanitized, and mopped clean. Carpeted floors should be thoroughly vacuumed at the end of each day.

Empty Trashcan

Remove and empty the trashcan at the end of each day. For deep cleaning, wash and dry the trashcan and where necessary, replace a fresh liner.

Cleaning the Bathroom

The bathroom area of a classroom sees a lot of traffic. With such heavy use comes the need to keep it properly cleaned. There are several cleaning tasks to perform here. These include the following;

Bathroom Door Knob

Every student that uses the bathroom grabs on the doorknob. This will need to be cleaned and disinfected (especially for the inside doorknob).

Bathroom Light Switch

After wiping down the walls, light switches should be dusted and cleaned. This is among the high-touch surfaces and needs to be disinfected to get rid of accumulated germs.

Clean Bathroom Handrails By Toilet

Handrails are among the high touch points and should be wiped clean and also sanitized. This should be done as often as possible to limit the transfer of germs.

Bathroom Sink

The sink area of bathrooms should be washed clean using multipurpose cleaners. This should also be disinfected and hand wash replaced or refilled.

Toilet Seat

Toilets should be thoroughly scrubbed and also disinfected. This includes the toilet seat. Try to cover hard-to-reach areas during cleaning. This helps eliminate any odors thus making the bathroom smelling fresh.

Clean Toilet Flush Handles

After each use, flush handles are used, thus placing them among high touchpoints that need a thorough cleaning. Clean and disinfect all toilet flush handles.

Clean and Refill Paper & Soap Dispensers

While cleaning the bathroom, paper and soap dispensers should be wiped down and refilled or replenished. Also, remove and empty trashcans.

These are basic cleaning tasks for a classroom you can follow for a comprehensive job. It eliminates all guesswork and gives you a clear path to execute whatever tasks are necessary for an excellent cleaning job.

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