Concrete Removal Cost & Demolition Prices [Per Square Foot]

A fixed concrete removal and demolition cost can’t be stated right off the bat because there isn’t one.

Rather there are varying costs associated with concrete removal and demolition. These are based on multiple factors as you’ll soon find out.

The construction industry sees the erection of structures on varying scales as well as the teardown or demolition of others. All of these actions are done to fulfill a purpose.

We’re dwelling on concrete removal and demolition with a special interest in the cost for such tasks.

How Much Does Concrete Removal Per Square Foot?

Concrete demolition is performed on a wide range of projects.

These may be commercial or residential projects. The national average cost for concrete removal is $1,032. If you require demolition services on your property, the typical range will be from $537 to $1,544.

In terms of the lowest and highest possible cost to haul away concrete, you’re likely to incur around $250 to $3,200 respectively. Two things you must know about concrete removal and demolition is that cost is measured per square foot as well as per ton.

  • Per Square Foot Costing

Having a way to measure concrete removal costs makes it convenient to price this service. Most contractors usually charge between $2 and $6 per square foot of concrete removal and demolition.

However, this pricing isn’t static as costs could climb when the area being demolished is reinforced with steel or other forms of reinforcements.

On the other hand, tearing down a structure that has little or no reinforcements is easier to perform. As expected, these cost less to demolish than those with reinforcements.

  • Per Ton Costing

Per ton costing of concrete removal is mostly associated with post demolition cleanup.

Here, loosened concrete and debris need to be cleared. When conveyed to dumps, such dumps charge a fee of about $20 to $100 per ton.

Of course, this mostly depends on where you live.

You’ll expect prices to be higher in larger cities as there’s a challenge with space. Concrete removal costs less per ton in suburbs due to the availability of ample space for disposal.

Concrete Removal Costs By Type

This is an important aspect of concrete removal costing. The cost of demolishing a concrete structure will be determined by what’s being demolished. There’s never a shortage of these.

A few types include stairs, slab, driveway, sidewalk, and patio concretes.

  • Concrete Stair Removal Costs

Getting deeper into our discussion on demolition costs, we’ll start by looking at costs for concrete stair removal. It will cost you around $250 and $400 to have your concrete stair removed or demolished.

However, we must state that such costs are for unreinforced material.

Demolition costs could climb steeply when such materials are reinforced with steel or other forms of reinforcements.

  • Concrete Slab Removal Costs

When dealing with a concrete slab, you’re likely to attract an average demolition cost of about $600. However, the nature of the job in terms of slab thickness and reinforcements would drive up prices to as much as $3,000.

One tip that can be useful for cost assessment is taking a look at slab thickness. A thicker slab translates to more demolition costs. The opposite applies to thin slabs. This thickness impacts the cost to cut concrete.

  • Cost To Remove Concrete Driveway

If a driveway is involved, the approach to costing is quite different.

A lot of times, driveway demolition is usually followed by replacement with a new driveway. Depending on who you call for the job, some contractors can perform both demolition and installation services.

Billing is either combined for both projects or done separately.

When demolishing a concrete driveway alone, you’re likely to incur a fee of around $540 to $1,510. Concrete driveway removal costs are much higher for projects that require complete removal and new installation.

For such projects, a contractor may charge you anywhere from $2,340 to $7,500. You may want to stick with the latter option of performing both removal and replacement of concrete as it tends to be cheaper.

When concrete sidewalk demolition is involved, the homeowner may incur a fee of around $535 to $1,510. An assessment of your sidewalk’s condition will determine your exact costs.

Also, factors such as its location and size are used in determining costs.

  • Concrete Patio Removal Costs

Whatever the reasons for demolishing your patio are, the cost of removal will be influenced by its thickness.

Costs could range between $1,000 to $2,000 or more. Sometimes, homeowners may require that demolished concrete patio be replaced with a new one.

Such types of requirements will incur greater costs as opposed to a situation where demolition is performed.

Although costs may be higher, it tends to be cheaper compared to when demolition and installation are performed separately by different contractors.

Concrete Demolition and Replacement Costs

In the course of our discussion so far, we’ve talked about concrete demolition and installation for some types of projects.

Here, we’ll be explaining the cost implications a bit further. It’s important to note that replacement costs are added to your removal costs.

So, for concrete driveway replacement, you may incur a fee between $1,800 to $6,000.

This will be higher when combined with demolition costs. Concrete patio replacement goes for $1,650 to $4,270 excluding removal costs.

Sidewalk replacement costs starts at about $1,200 to $2,400.

Further details on concrete demolition and replacement costs include concrete leveling costs starting from $550 to $1,390. If you wish to have a replacement job performed after concrete removal or demolishing, it’s important to ask for price quotes for such before the job gets underway.

Any Need For Concrete Removal Permits

Obtaining demolition permits isn’t a requirement for all locations. While certain locations will need such, others don’t. You’ll need to find out what applies to your area.

A small fee usually follows permit issuance.

Sometimes, inspections may be necessary to help determine where utility lines are located relative to the demolition area. This helps prevent damage to installations.

The removal and demolition of concrete is a project that attracts varying costs as shown above. An actual inspection and issuance of price quotes by a contractor will give you the price estimates for the job.

With this knowledge, you’re able to negotiate better

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