Do I Need A Sump Pump In My Basement?

Do you need a sump pump in your basement? Stick with us to find all the answers you need.

Some homeowners are likely to get concerned about the need for a sump pump in their basement. Here, you’ll have to look at the function it serves. A sump pump helps with moisture elimination.

What more? This equipment also helps prevent flooding.

So when do you need a sump pump?

Do All Basements Need A Sump Pump?

It’s no secret that moisture presence creates all sorts of problems including health issues caused by mold growth. Wood rot is also a possibility.

All such issues require taking the needed action to address them.

Sump Pump Benefits

One of several ways to know if you need a sump pump or not is by taking a look at its benefits. By its design, a sump pump is meant to serve a myriad of moisture-related issues.

First off, the added layer of confidence you have irrespective of weather conditions is priceless.

You get to also prevent all forms of basement flooding. You don’t have to deal with water issues all year round. It may be required for home insurance coverage. Your foundation is kept intact.

Plus, you get the benefit of keeping your wall coverings and paint from peeling. Let’s look at each of these points and more.

  • Elimination of Worry

With a sump pump installed in your basement, there’s no need to worry about having your basement flooded. As water gathers into the sump pit, it triggers the sump pump to begin pumping the contents out.

This added layer of control helps increase your confidence.

  • Prevention of Basement Flooding

Basement flooding is a real issue for most homeowners.

This is even more problematic when there’s no provision for combating such flooding. If your home is located within a flood-prone area, then having a sump pump installed is highly necessary.

Rather than incur expenses in the form of repairs carried out due to flood, it’s better to find a more reliable solution. Such a solution lies in having a sump pump installed in your basement.

  • Your Basement is Kept Dry All through the Year

As part of basement waterproofing, a sump pump will need to be included or installed to ensure your basement is kept dry all year round.

With proper moisture control, problems related to, or caused by its presence are eliminated.

A dry basement means a sound structure. Therefore, you’ll do well to have a sump pump installed in your basement.

  • Part of Requirements for Insurance Coverage

Do you wish to apply for homeowners insurance coverage of basement flood damage? If you do, then consider having a sump pump installed as it’s going to be needed as part of the requirements.

However, this requirement may not be applicable across all locations.

You’ll need to find out what applies to your area. Even when it’s not part of the requirement, consider; there are several other uses and benefits of sump pumps as discussed so far.

  • Foundation is Kept Intact

The foundation is crucial to the stability of any structure including the basement. Now, moisture is known to easily cause all sorts of issues that could lead to displacing or distorting the structure.

The best way to have it fixed is by having your basement waterproofed. This includes using a sump pump for water evacuation.

  • Wall Coverings and Paint are Protected

One of the common effects of moisture presence is the peeling off of paint and wall coverings.

Rather than focusing on fixing the effect, it’s best to shift your focus to having the cause identified and addressed.

Here, water in your basement has to be pumped out. The best way to do this is by having a sump pump installed in readiness for moisture or water accumulation.

  • Prevention of Mildew, Fungus, Molds and Termite Infestation

Whenever you find mildew, fungus, termites, or mold infestation in the basement, it’s a clear sign that there’s a moisture problem. The best way of tackling the problem is by adopting a two-pronged approach.

First, you’ll need to have a sump pump installed.

This should be followed by the provision of treatment, especially for termite issues. The earlier this is done the better. Fast action ensures that your property does not get further damaged.

  • Metal Objects and Appliances are Safeguarded

Appliances with metal parts located in the basement are likely to get destroyed or corroded by water presence. All of that can be prevented by having a sump pump installed.

Such appliances may include freezers, washers, and dryers among others.

From the benefits outlined above, it’s clear why a sump pump is necessary and important to your home. By looking at what you stand to gain, it’s easy to decide on its use.

More importantly, a structural technician or engineer will have to be consulted.

Getting some expert opinion about the suitability of a sump pump to your basement will help a great deal in making the right decision.

When Do You Need A Sump Pump?

All sorts of scenarios play a role in determining sump pump usage. This includes when an existing pump is too old to function effectively and also when you have a recently finished basement.

Past water problems also call for sump pump installation.

  • When Existing Pump is Too Old to Perform Effectively

An existing sump pump may have served out its usefulness.

In other words, the lifespan of such a pump might have been reached or exceeded. At this point, efficiency becomes a problem as it’s significantly reduced.

You’ll need to have the old sump pump replaced with a new one.

  • Recently Finished Basement

A recently finished basement will require getting some form of protection against moisture and wetness. A sump pump is a perfect answer to such.

All you have to do is have it installed by a professional.

  • Past Flooding Problems

One of the answers to past flooding problems is having a sump pump installed in your basement. Other actions include remodeling the basement area or its foundation among others.

So, do you need a sump pump in your basement?

From the discussion so far, it’s evident that the answer is a resounding yes! You’ll have to call an expert to have your basement checked and a sump pump installed as soon as you can.

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