Does Raid Kill Fleas Instantly?

The question is; does raid concentrated deep reach fogger kill fleas? Stick with us to find out all the details about this product

Are you currently dealing with a flea problem? The normal response will be to get immediate relief as fast as possible. Thankfully, lots of treatment alternatives exist for flea control. These are mostly insecticides which have proven to be effective.

However, our focus is on one of such insecticides.

We want to find out if Raid, a brand name of a long line of insecticide products does exterminate fleas.

Can Raid Fogger Kills Fleas?

Yes, it can.

Raid’s Defense System is a combination of products that offer relief from all sorts of pest issues. This includes flea extermination. As a matter of fact, Raid has a specially formulated product known as Flea Killer.

This product exterminates not only fleas but also roaches, crickets, silverfish, and ticks. This is a non-stain formulation that needs to have contact or sprayed onto fleas for best results.

It’s also safe and can be sprayed on dogs without incidence. Raid Flea Killer can also be sprayed on surfaces infested by fleas.

About Raid Flea Killer

Raid Flea Killer is a specially formulated product for the treatment of all sorts of flea issues. It’s a quality product from the stables of S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.

Are you curious about the ingredients this formulation is made of?

Raid Flea Killer contains 0.140% pyrethrins, 1.000% Piperonyl Butoxide and 0.063% Tetramethrin. Additional constituents include 0.980% N- octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide as well as several other ingredients making up about 97.817%.

How To Use Raid For Flea Extermination

To get the results/relief you seek from fleas, you’ll need to know how to use Raid.

Firstly, Raid Flea Killer is designed for indoor use only. The can must be properly shaken before application. As expected, the valve shouldn’t be pointed your way when applying.

This should be pointed in the direction your wish to apply before pressing it. Pets are usually the primary targets for fleas. As such, their sleeping quarters and bedding will need to be included in the treatment process.

Fleas are also likely to hang around baseboards, door frames, wall cracks, floors, and windows waiting to hop on pets when they pass by. These areas too should be included in your treatment regimen. Spray Raid Flea Killer on these surfaces and around them.

Sometimes, overused pet bedding will need to be discarded. Replace with fresh ones after the treated area is dried.

Fleas won’t get eliminated by a single application. As such, multiple spray sessions may be required for complete extermination.

  • Treating Pets with Raid Flea Killer

As mentioned earlier, Raid Flea Killer can be sprayed directly onto pets’ bodies. However such pets need to be up to a certain age before they can be sprayed with this formulation.

Dogs should be 12 weeks or older to be considered for this treatment.

Flea treatment for aged, pregnant, nursing or debilitated dogs among other conditions must be cleared with a veterinarian first. These conditions are delicate and require professional advice. When spraying Raid Flea Killer care should be exercised not to spray on the heads of pets.

Other parts of the pet body to leave out include the genital and anal areas as well as open wounds. These are no-go areas as this pesticide product could lead to health complications. You’ll need to hold the pesticide canister upright and at a distance of about 10 to 12 inches away.

Spray over your pet’s fur or coat to dampen it. It’s important to ensure you don’t wet the coat or fur but only dampen it. You may need to ruffle the hairs when your pet has lots of hair to allow the spray to reach its skin.

Now work or rub this insecticide product into the skin and around the mouth, ears, and eyes.

Precautions When Using Raid For Fleas

Certain precautions need to be observed when using Raid Flea Killer.

This is a chemical product that could be harmful if ingested or when it gets into the eyes. As such, pets shouldn’t be allowed in when treating their bedding area or any other indoor areas.

Whether you wear gloves or not during this process isn’t the point. Ensure you wash your hands with soap and water immediately after completing the treatment process. When any complications arise from this treatment, call for urgent medical attention for your pets.

There are times when this pesticide may get onto skin or clothing.

In such a case, remove contaminated clothing and rinse the contact area on your skin. Using freshwater, rinse repeatedly for about 15 to 20 minutes. Don’t allow to dry before rinsing.

Disposal and Storage

Having completed treatment, there are safe ways to dispose of the spray can. If you’re not completely used up the product, you may want to place a call to your local solid waste agency.

Such agencies provide professional advice on how to best dispose of pesticides. In the case of empty cans, simply recycle or place them in trash cans.

How Long After Spraying Raid is it Safe for Babies?

If you have babies around, extreme caution should be exercised regarding how this pesticide is applied. When sprayed, the raid leaves mist behind which hangs in the air for some time before being dispelled through adequate ventilation.

Babies have a weak immune system plus, the fumes could be ingested through breathing or mouth. What results is an irritation of the nose, throat, and lungs. This respiratory problem can be avoided by keeping babies out of application areas until a sufficient amount of time has passed.

How long should it last before it’s considered safe to have babies around? Keep babies out for as long as 30 minutes or more. Before bringing them in, ensure the treated area is well ventilated.

Opening up the windows and the use of fans will help dispel any mists or fumes remaining.

Treating Other Pests with Raid Flea Killer

We earlier stated that Raid Flea Killer can also be used on pests such as bed bugs, roaches, lice, crickets, silverfish, and ticks. The treatment process is pretty much easy. These pests should be sprayed directly wherever you find them.

Now you know that Raid kills fleas. We’ve seen that S.C. Johnson & Son Inc. has designed a special formulation for flea issues known as Raid Flea Killer.

All you need to do is follow the use instructions and tips provided above for instant relief.

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