Average Ehrlich Pest Control Prices

This guide discusses Ehrlich pest control prices, including factors that impact the average treatment costs.

Ehrlich is a reputable pest control company that offers a wide variety of pest control services. A wide range of pests is covered under its plans. These include moths, bees, crickets, roaches, wasps, spiders, mosquitoes, ants, and flies.

Others include termites, ticks, fleas, rodents, and bed bugs.

The purpose of this article is to focus on the cost of pest control services offered by Ehrlich. The pests being exterminated or focused on will determine the prices.

There are lots of other factors influencing the price of pest control. These and more will be discussed here.

Ehrlich Pest Control Pricing

The question of cost for pest control services doesn’t have an easy answer. This is because lots of factors are involved. This section will be discussing pest control prices concerning the type of service(s) being provided by Ehrlich.

There are three main considerations Ehrlich looks at when determining the cost of a certain pest control service. They include the type of client, inspection as well as other additional factors.

  • Type of Client

There are two categories of clients involved when it comes to providing pest control services. They include residential as well as commercial clients. As expected, residential clients will attract lower costs due to the size of the property or coverage area.

On the other hand are commercial clients. These have bigger pest control needs and occupy sizeable properties. Commercial property includes areas such as offices, warehouses, and more. The approach used or adopted for getting rid of pests here is much different than for residential properties.

Residential Pest Control

Ehrlich will provide its services for both active pest problems as well as preventive treatments.

Different factors come into play when determining prices. More importantly, the situation on the ground will determine the cost incurred. Such may include the severity of the problem and difficult terrain among other things.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial pest control services offered by Ehrlich are aimed at businesses.

Most businesses require ongoing treatments to cater to their needs. So, while treating an existing infestation, Ehrlich’s services will be retained to provide ongoing pest control services.

Pest control prices will be determined by what type of client as explained above.

As a residential client, you’re likely to pay less for Ehrlich’s services compared to commercial clients. The actual or final cost of service will require a visit by Ehrlich’s pest technicians before it is reached.

  • Inspection

The inspection of your property is where it all starts. This is meant to determine the overall treatment plan which in turn results in coming up with a treatment cost. Ehrlich admits its inability to make an accurate estimate or offer accurate information regarding cost without inspection.

As such, inspection is an important aspect of its operation that leads to coming up with a cost estimate. An inspection involves several procedures.

These include setting up an appointment and the arrival of a service technician and discussion of treatment plans before the inspection begins.

Results of inspection are revealed and treatment discussions are held.

A cost of service (usually an estimate) is reached after discussions. Not only is the pest problem tackled by Ehrlich, but further advice is also provided on the best ways to prevent a repeat infestation. This helps you cut down on future pest control costs.

Information on Ehrlich’s pest control prices for commercial clients is made available online. Nevertheless, it will still involve inspection and will be determined by the type of pest among other things.

  • Additional Factors

Numerous factors come into play when Ehrlich determines the prices for its pest control. Such include the treatment process, pest type, severity of the infestation, number of treatments as well as the size of your property.

To better understand these factors, it will be necessary to further explain them individually. We’ll start as follows;

The Treatment Process

Ehrlich’s pest control prices are determined by the treatment process adopted. Now, the treatment procedures may change depending on the pest type as well as the number of treatments to be provided.

When Ehrlich provides one-time pest treatments, the cost of such a service will vary significantly from ongoing or follow-up treatments.

One-time treatments are typically more expensive. However, it won’t guarantee that your home will be safe from re-infestation after a while.

Pest Type

We earlier listed several pests covered by Ehrlich under its pest treatment program. One thing you’ll need to know is that costs for control of these pests aren’t uniform.

In other words, pest control prices differ from one pest to the other.

Difficult pest problems like termite extermination or bed bugs and cockroach control will attract higher prices than other pest problems considered less difficult. An Ehrlich technician will need to inspect your property before giving you a price for its pest control service by type of pest.

Sometimes multiple pest problems may exist at the same time. If this is determined, the best treatment approach is considered and adopted and a price quote worked out for you.

Severity of Infestation

The severity of infestation plays a major role in determining pest control prices. When an Ehrlich technician comes around and determines the extent of the infestation, the final price reached for such treatment will reflect or take into consideration the severity of infestation.

A property with a full-blown infestation will attract higher fees. Such a pest infestation will need to be acted on immediately to arrest the problem. A less severe pest infestation attracts lower pest control prices.

Number of Treatments

The number of treatments needed is closely related to the severity of an infestation. Ehrlich will recommend multiple visits or follow-up treatments for difficult infestations. This in turn influences the eventual treatment cost.

Multiple visits may not be necessary for less severe pest problems which lower the pest control prices charged by Ehrlich.

Property Size

The size of the property is an additional factor that has an impact on Ehrlich’s pest control prices. The bigger the area to be covered, the higher the cost of pest control is likely to be. The opposite applies for smaller sized properties.

Ehrlich’s pest control prices are dependent on multiple factors as shown in the information above. For an actual cost of a pest service, it’s best to contact Ehrlich to schedule an inspection. Cost details are furnished to you based on the factors listed above.

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