Sample Hotel Room Cleaning Checklist Template

Looking for a hotel room cleaning checklist? We have compiled one below.

If you’re involved in commercial cleaning, hotels are likely going to be among your target jobs.

To clean a hotel, one basic tool is necessary; a checklist! With one, you’re saved the stress of having to figure out each task to perform as everything is written down and only needs to be followed.

In other words, you have increased control over the cleaning tasks to be performed. Given the importance of a checklist, we’ll be providing you with one to use.

We’ll begin without further delay as follows;

Hotel Room And Premise Cleaning Procedures

One of the first tasks to perform when cleaning a hotel is by inspecting lights or lamps, thermostat smoke detector, locking devices, windows as well as TV and radio for proper functioning.

If any of these aren’t in proper working condition, you’ll need to call in for repairs.

  • Making the Bed

For hotel cleaning to be effective and well done, the beds will need to be made.

First, you’ll need to strip and shake out all bed linens. This helps you determine that guests haven’t forgotten any of their belongings. Fresh and wrinkle-free underpads should be laid on the mattress.

Spreading a bottom sheet over the underpads should follow with the sides tucked in under the mattress. Now, spread the top sheet over the underpad and ensure it is centered. This should overlap blankets at the head of the bed and tucked in together the foot of the bed.

It is important to avoid tucking in the top sheet under the mattress at the side of beds. Doing so is likely to result in the bottom sheets coming loose when guests pull down the top sheet to get in bed. Pillowcases should be replaced as well.

When replacing the pillowcases, ensure the open sides or ends of the pillows are towards the outside. Next, a wrinkle-free duvet or bedspread should be used in covering the bed. This should be allowed to hang around the bed.

This process of making a bed isn’t necessary for beds that haven’t been used. So, how often should bed linens be changed for rooms occupied by stay-over guests? A change of bed linens can be done every third day.

A clean and stain-free bedspread should be maintained. For hide-away beds, these should be pulled out and bed linens inspected before returning them.

  • Freshen Furnishings

Furnishings will need to be freshened where necessary. This consists of several tasks such as getting rid of disposable items and emptying the wastebasket, in addition to washing all ashtrays.

What more? Replace damaged light bulbs, and arrange literature and all supplied stationery.

Additional tasks include arranging drapes and curtains to hand correctly, check to ensure all standard amenities are made available, and replenish sanitized glasses.

  • Cleaning the Bathroom Area

Bathrooms will need to be kept clean and fresh at all times.

For this to be possible, the following cleaning tasks will need to be performed; clean the ceilings of cobwebs in addition to wall corners. Clean and wipe down walls in addition to shelving. Where there are tiles, some scrubbing will be required.

Next, clean the tub or shower and disinfect. Toilets should be cleaned and disinfected as well. The sink and vanity area should be cleaned and disinfected in addition to having all chrome taps polished. Fan vent grill should be wiped clean and vacuumed when necessary. Replenish standard guest room amenities.

What more? Mirrors should be cleaned and supply fresh towels and bathmat.

Provide shampoo and soap, wash, mop, and disinfect floors. There should be sufficient facial and toilet tissue. Replenish these when needed. Don’t forget to wipe the insides of shower curtains clean. The same applies to shower rods.

  • Check for Personal Belongings Left Behind

One of the tasks you’ll need to perform is to check for belongings that have been forgotten by guests. Items found will need to be clearly labeled with the date found as well as room number and attendant’s number. This is handed over to hotel management for logging and storage in the ‘lost and found’ locker.

Places to check for personal belongings include underneath beds, within drawers as well as the back of bathroom doors. Also, search for such items in bathroom lockers and cabinets if there are.

  • Furniture and Furnishings

Furniture and furnishings will need some cleaning too.

First, dust these and polish. Wastebaskets and ashtrays should be emptied and washed. Next, missing hangers should be replaced and disposable items got rid of. Also, check to ensure that standard guest amenities are replenished.

Clean mirrors and disinfect phones. The earpiece should be cleaned as well. The TV should be dusted including the top and back areas. Dust lampshades, replace burnt out lights, and hang drapes properly.

It is important when cleaning furnishings and furniture to use disinfectant spray cleaning products.

  • Dusting

Although dusting has been mentioned in some of the cleaning tasks to be performed, additional dusting should be carried out on all woodwork. The same applies to all wall hangings and picture frames.

Vent grills, shelves above clothes hangers, and all ceilings should be dusted and cobwebs removed.

  • Doors

All hotel doors should be inspected and cleaned.

The touchpoints should be thoroughly wiped clean and disinfected. These include the door handles or knobs. The exteriors of doors should be washed or dusted depending on the condition and door type. The same applies to the interior.

  • Bedroom

Bedroom ceilings should be cleared of all cobwebs and the walls wiped clean. Ceiling fans should be dusted and wiped clean too. Dust all wall hangings and furniture. Vacuum or clean floors as well.

  • Windows

Windows will need to be kept shiny at all times. Wash the exterior as well as the interior. This includes the frame as well as glass areas. Next, clean and dust window sills and clean curtains or drapes.

This hotel cleaners checklist touches on all areas that require some cleaning up in a hotel. You’ll need to get the necessary supplies and set your schedule for cleaning such as daily, weekly and monthly schedules to ensure a thorough cleaning job is carried out.

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