Interior Demolition Cost Per Square Foot – Pricing Guide

How much does it cost to demolish the interior of a house?

Structural demolition consists of different forms. Partial demolition is one of the main types. This can also be termed interior demolition as it’s restricted to certain building parts.

So, if you want to carry out some interior home demolition, you should be interested in knowing the costs involved.

What Exactly Is Interior Demolition?

Interior demolition sounds quite extreme. While it may require removing all the interior sections of a building, leaving only the shell, interior demolition could be restricted to removing select items.

It’s also called “gutting,” a building in construction terminology.

The need to remodel a home or office apartment may arise. This is mainly done to create more space. As such, walls will need to give way among other internal structural components.

So, how much does this procedure cost with a basic idea of interior demolition provided?

Ho Much Does Interior Demolition Cost Per Square Foot?

In a bid to provide comprehensive knowledge on interior demolition costs, we’ll need to take a deeper look at the types and the demolition process.

There are also factors affecting pricing, among other key areas we’ll be considering.

The average cost for interior demolition is around $2,500. This includes a low of about $700 for basic demolition tasks, with pricing going for $10,000 or more for extensive interior demolition projects.

  • Interior Demolition Costs By Type

There are different types of interior demolition jobs. While some are extensive, others aren’t.

A particular type of demolition job may be necessary for renovation purposes. It all depends on what you want to achieve. A homeowner may be interested in creating an open space by removing an existing wall.

Others may want to remove a particular floor type. Whatever the demolition task being performed is, load-bearing walls are left out of such teardown. This is necessary to maintain the structural integrity of the building. Drywall removal or demolition costs around $1 to $3 per sq. ft.

In the case of floor removal, you’re likely to be charged anywhere from $2 to $5 per sq. ft. Room demolition will cost around $4 to $6 per sq. ft., while tile removal costs about $2 to $5 per sq. ft.

For the cost to have a cabinet removed or demolished, prepare around $4 to $6 per sq. ft.

Other interior demolition tasks like wall removal cost $4 to $6 per sq. ft. Ceiling removal goes for $4 to $6 per sq. ft., while appliance and pipe removal costs $50 per appliance and $6 to $8 per sq. ft., respectively.

  • Labor Costs

Labor is a crucial cost component when it comes to interior demolition projects. It involves the use of special tools or machinery and the removal of debris and rubbles. Most interior demolition jobs cover or include labor costs.

This is either charged separately on hourly rates or per square foot.

So, hourly labor costs for interior demolition projects usually start around $20. On the other hand, you may include per square foot billing for interior demolition in the price per sq. ft. So, a $5 per sq. ft demolition fee may consist of labor.

In rare cases, labor costs may be charged as a standalone fee of $2 per sq. ft. Based on this figure, demolishing a 500 sq. ft. interior part will attract a labor cost of $1,000. Whatever the case may be, one of these scenarios will play out.

You’ll have to find out what applies to your situation by making inquiries from your demolition company.

  • The Cost of Going Green

As part of efforts to ensure the recycling of valuable items, this may cost you higher.

Some demolition companies will be willing to take up sorting jobs. After performing the interior demolition, different materials are removed and separated from the pile of debris.

This simple action is worthwhile and prevents the entire debris and mixed materials from ending up in the dumpster. If you’re an environmentalist, you might pay anywhere from $6 to $8 per square foot.

This expense is worth it as it helps the environment by recycling construction materials.

  • Interior Demolition Cost By Materials

Certain construction materials are more straightforward to demolish than others. Construction materials like asbestos will require extra caution due to health hazards caused by particles released during teardown.

An assessment that confirms the presence of asbestos will cost more than those that don’t.

  • Post Demolition Cleanup Costs

Irrespective of the type of interior demolition performed, one thing is sure; a thorough cleanup is required.

This helps get rid of debris and other construction mess lying around. You may include post demolition cleanup costs in the project’s total cost for some demolition contractors.

However, the inclusion of cleanup costs isn’t always a given.

Some demolition contractors may not offer such services. Then, you’ll need to make your provision.

If you’re renting a dumpster, it may cost you an average of $400 to $600.

On the other hand, getting a cleaning service to perform post demolition cleaning will cost around $600.

Ways to Limit Cost To Demo Interior Of A House

Yes, there are ways to cut down on interior demolition costs.

However, none has to do with adopting a DIY approach to demolition. In other words, you shouldn’t consider performing an interior demolition task yourself, as it can be risky. Such jobs are better left to the pros to handle.

So, what are the ways to limit interior demolition costs? There are several! There are specific essential tasks to perform yourself. These include covering up adjacent areas with plastic sheeting to prevent dust and debris from settling.

What more? You’ll also need to shut off all utilities before walls are opened or brought down.

For walls having electrical wiring passing through, such wiring will need to be rerouted before demolition commences. This way, you won’t be paying for the added hours spent on such basic tasks by demolition experts.

Gutting a building is a complex job as it needs to target only non-load-bearing structures. This helps avoid collapse. Interior demolition costs have been covered with the varying cost details supplied.

These are primarily determined by the factors mentioned above.

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