Is Terminix Safe For Babies, Pets & Plants?

Is Terminix safe for humans, pets, and plants?

Here is all you need to know before hiring this pest control company.

Lots of questions have been asked about the safety of Terminix’s pest control services. Terminix is arguably the world’s biggest pest control service with a presence in lots of countries.

Despite becoming an industry leader in the provision of pest solutions, it is only fair that we also discuss its safety.

This helps readers seeking to patronize its services with a heads-up of what to expect. What more? There are tons of online reviews about its reliability as a pest service.

Pesticide Safety With Terminix – Concerns And Findings

When safety becomes the main consideration for persons seeking pest control services, it mostly has to do with pesticides. Pesticides can be very effective in getting the job done (exterminating pests).

However, these same products can be fatal to humans and animals.

This raises a legitimate concern to question if the services offered by Terminix are safe.

  • Does Terminix Use Safe Chemicals?

To have a better understanding of the subject matter, it will be necessary to discuss past events involving Terminix and the pesticides it uses for pest control.

In 2016, a report from featured a story about the company being fined about $10 million for the illegal use of a dangerous pesticide. This happened after the company applied an illegal chemical methyl bromide for pest control in a U.S Virgin Islands resort.

This caused a family of four vacationing in this resort to suffer from pesticide poisoning. This problem was caused by Terminix. Thankfully no one died from the poisoning. Nevertheless, methyl bromide continues to be poisonous.

So, what adverse effects does methyl bromide have on humans? This poisonous chemical causes convulsions, coma, and ultimately brain damage.

This is terrible and scary because it’s being used in residential and commercial properties.

Reading this, anyone should feel rightfully alarmed especially those having interested in patronizing Terminix. However, it’s best to find out if they still use methyl bromide as a pesticide for combating pest problems.

Does Terminix Still Use Methyl Bromide as a Pesticide?

Terminix has since abandoned the use of methyl bromide for pest control.

It uses chemicals considered less toxic and safe for indoor use. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that a chemical that is classified as safe for indoor use does not mean it won’t cause harm to humans.

It simply means its toxicity can be managed and under such conditions (controlled application) will pose no harm whatsoever.

Vikane gas for example is an effective fumigant used for pest control. It is only considered safe when used according to regulations.

Making Your Findings

Apart from the information provided in this article, it’s best to carry out more research before deciding on patronage. There are lots of online reviews as well as forums about the quality of service offered as well as issues regarding safety.

Such information provides you with adequate information on the real state of things. The wealth of information provided by both former and existing clients should enable you to make informed decisions.

Discussing Safety Concerns with Terminix

Even when the information you come across seems to support Terminix as a reliable pest control service, it’s necessary to discuss with technicians before treatment.

Terminix is every ready to provide detailed explanations about its operations and safety measures.

Plus it also gives you guarantees to back its operations as a reliable pest control partner to be trusted. Therefore whenever a service technician comes around for an inspection, it’s best to exhaust your fears to such professional(s).

Doing this helps choose a suitable and safer pest control measure.

What more? Apart from a meeting with a Terminix technician when they come over for inspection, you can also chat live with its online representative.

An online representative from the service will try to the best of their ability to provide you with satisfactory answers. Additional materials (downloadable) can be sent to you for further clarification.

Are there safer pest control strategies used by Terminix? The answer to this is found in our next point;

Most Pesticides Are Risky, Are there Alternatives?

Having established the fact that chemical pesticides are risky, it’s only logical that a safer alternative is sought. So, does Terminix have any safer pest control alternatives to chemicals? It certainly does.

Terminix has a wide range of Eco-friendly methods for pest control under its green program initiative. What is this program about? The program is targeted at taking a preventive approach to pest control.

This drastically reduces the need for pesticides which results in poisoning among other things.

Safety to Kids and Pets

Within its question and answer page, a question is raised regarding the safety of treatments adopted by Terminix. Are such treatments safe around kids and pets?

Terminix provides answers to the question asked.

The company responds by saying that all products used for its pest treatments are EPA (the United States Environmental Protection Agency) registered. It further explains that pesticide products for indoor use fall under the “caution” category.

This category is the EPA’s lowest risk category.

This is some relief as it provides strong evidence of kid-safe pest control for clients as well as their households. Terminix is also a professional company that has continued to attract new clients from across the world.

What makes this comforting is the fact that there are lots of satisfied clients to show.

A lot of these clients still trust Terminix as their number one pest services provider.

Sticking to Safety Instruction

How safe or unsafe a pest treatment boils down to how well the safety instructions are adhered to. When Terminix comes to your property for pest extermination, it provides you with a list of instructions or guidelines on what to do.

This includes what shouldn’t be left exposed and whether it’s safe to stick around during pesticide application or move to a safe distance. All of these instructions are given as a guide you must adhere to.

Failure to do this will only increase your risks, thus leading to poisoning or other fatalities.

So, is Terminix safe? It is still one of the most reputable pest control services. This won’t be possible if it continued to use toxic and poisonous pesticides like methyl bromide.

You can begin today by reaching out to this company for all your pest control needs.

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