How Much Does Kitchen Cabinet Removal Cost?

Looking for cabinet removal cost estimates? Do you have a kitchen cabinet you wish to remove or replace?

You might be interested in knowing how much it cost to have such removed. This article helps you actualize your kitchen demo or remodel plans with a special focus on the cabinet.

By the end, you should have no problems estimating your cabinet removal cost.

Estimating Cabinet Removal Costs

When removing a kitchen cabinet, one of the things to be wary of is unexpected expenses. This is most common when you underestimate project costs by getting started without working out what’s involved.

With such an approach, there are bound to be lots of surprises.

You may end up in a situation where you spend much more than what you expected. The bottom line is; you’ll need to have the kitchen demo cost properly worked out before the cabinet removal procedure commences.

Budgeting a Little More

Cabinet removal costs should be estimated in such a way that you add or increase about 7 to 15% more on what’s being estimated. This reaffirms the need to avoid surprises on the job.

Normally, accessibility issues, as well as job complexity, add to total cabinet removal costs.

By increasing your budget a little, any eventualities are resolved. Plus, you’re not stranded financially. You might want to discuss with a licensed and insured remodeling contractor for a better idea of the cost incurred.

Average Cost To Remove A Kitchen Cabinet

In a bid to understand the cost of removing a cabinet, you’ll have to look at the type of cabinet, size of the job, and debris removal among others. Now, the cost implications vary depending on the method used.

The two main methods include the DIY approach and calling a professional.

The national average range for a cabinet removal job is around $361 to $838. Now, the cost is calculated per linear foot. This means the bigger the job, the more it’s likely to cost. However, discounts normally apply to bigger jobs.

In terms of material costs, expect to pay around $0.32 per linear foot. This will translate to around $0.30 to $0.34 when looking at the cost range. The national average cost for cabinet removal is about $599.29.

Multiple Factors are involved

When looking at cabinet removal costs, you’ll need to also consider the factors involved. The variables involved will determine how much you pay for such jobs.

Speaking of cost-influencing factors, you’ll need to consider the wood type, whether the cabinet is to be replaced, as well as the number of cabinets.

What more? Who you hire matters. Labor time also plays a significant role in determining cabinet removal costs. What type of preparatory work is required before cabinet removal?

This may impact how much you pay for cabinet removal.

Cabinets still in good condition need to be salvaged. As such, a more careful procedure (deconstruction) is used. Deconstruction is much slower and likely to cost more.

Let’s discuss each of these points in greater detail, shall we?

  • Wood Type

The type of material involved (in this case wood) varies. Certain wood types are considered much easier to dismantle than others. Speaking of wood types, there are several used for making cabinets.

Examples include Pine, Beech, Ash, Birch, Bamboo, Walnut, Mahogany, Oak, Maple, and Cherry.

However, it’s important to note that certain wood types may be categorized when working the cost involved. It all depends on who you call to handle your cabinet removal job.

  • Is it to be replaced?

One key consideration to make when prepping for cabinet removal is to decide whether you want to have it replaced. Removal only tends to cost less than replacement.

With replacement, the existing cabinet will have to be removed and debris hauled off before a new one is built or installed.

It’s evident here that you’ll incur additional expenses. In working out a quote, a contractor will consider each aspect of the job. In a nutshell, you should expect higher cabinet removal costs when replacement is the aim.

  • Number of Cabinets

The number of cabinets you have will determine how much is spent on removal costs. The more the cabinets, the higher your removal cost is likely to be. Now, this raises a key point; not all jobs are the same.

Costing is mostly done on a per-job basis.

So, how many cabinets do you have in your home? Calculating removal costs might prove challenging for you. This is why it’s best to have a removal technician come around for assessment and cost estimation.

  • Who you Hire

When it comes to cabinet removal costs, the answers have a lot to do with who gets the job done. Here, one thing is important; only trained and experienced professionals should be allowed to handle such jobs.

When the focus is only on getting the lowest possible cost for removal, you might end up having a novice carry out the procedure.

Whether using the services of skilled handymen or demolition contractors, their estimation will vary. Expect prices to hover around the national average.

  • Labor Time

Labor time is a critical determinant of cabinet removal costs.

Most contractors will consider the time spent on the job. Hourly rates apply. You’ll need to make inquiries about the costing parameters. This allows you better understand what’s involved.

  • Preparatory Work before Removal

The level of preparatory work that goes into cabinet removal is likely to impact costs.

Here, such cabinets may not be emptied. Before the action begins, it’s best to have all the contents of your cabinets removed.

Expect to pay more when a technician is involved in clearing out your cabinets. As a cost-cutting measure, having your cabinets cleared out and the area prepared helps to lower removal costs.

  • Type of Removal

The type of removal carried out is crucial. This has a lot to do with the condition of the cabinet. For cabinets still in good condition, deconstruction might be preferred. This is aimed at salvaging valuable cabinet components.

However, cabinet deconstruction costs more than outright removal because it’s a slower process.

It’s important to have all expenses properly worked out before the commencement of cabinet removal. This helps avoid all sorts of surprises that may spring up.

So far, we’ve seen the typical costs for cabinet removal jobs as well as the factors involved. Now that you know, there should be no surprises in terms of project estimation.

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