How Much Does Kitchen Demolition Cost?

Kitchen demolition cost is the focus of our discussion.

If you wish to carry out some demolition work on your kitchen space, you’ll need to learn a thing or two about possible costs incurred. Plus, you get to decide which service provider you get to hire.

The DIY option is also available as a cost-cutting measure. This too will be discussed shortly.

How Much To Demo A Kitchen

Kitchen demolition is one project homeowners may need when remodeling is being performed. This is a type of partial demolition in the sense that other interior sections of the home such as the bathrooms are avoided.

How Kitchen Demolition Pricing Works

To understand kitchen demolition costs, you need to have an understanding of how pricing works.

Here, we’re talking about the unit of cost. Structural demolition costs are usually tied to, or measured in square footage. Demolition cost per square footage is fixed from where the entire cost of the project is worked out.

Now, the national average costs for demolition per square footage fall within the $4 to $8 per square foot range.

This gives you a fair idea of how much costs your kitchen demolition project will incur. All you have to do is multiply the dollar amount by the square footage of the demolition area.

Average Cost To Demo A Kitchen

Costing plays a big role in deciding what method to adopt.

Here, we’re talking about whether to call or hire a professional or take the DIY route. Using the $4 to $8 national average costs per square footage, exact costs are worked by multiplying the demolition space by the dollar value.

Now, this points to something; the size of the kitchen will determine how much cost is incurred for kitchen demolition jobs. If you prefer to hire a professional for this job, which is quite popular with many homeowners, you’re likely to incur an average fee of about $500 to $750.

This estimate covers the cost to remove kitchen cabinets.

Of course, eventual costs may be lower than these figures or even higher depending on the extent and nature of demolition. So, your demolition costs are mostly determined at the end of an assessment of your kitchen area.

The technician works out the costs based on the size and other factors mentioned above.

  • Kitchen Demolition Cleanup Costs

Some reputable contractors will include cleanup costs as part of their kitchen demolition fees. This is a convenient way to take all worry off your shoulder.

Of course, such demolition costs will add a few hundred bucks to the overall total.

Plus, post demolition cleanup costs are determined by the volume of debris present. The more the debris, the higher the costs are likely to be. Bigger kitchens tend to generate the most mess or debris after demolition.

Can Kitchen Demo Costs Be Negotiated?

Every homeowner will want to have the best possible service at the lowest cost.

Finding a balance between the two is what negotiation helps you get. However, this begins even before you call in a technician or contractor. You’ll have to compare demolition rates from one contractor to the next.

Not all demolition rates per square foot area are the same. Service providers within this industry have competitive rates that are meant to attract clients. Such costs are also backed by value-added services that seek to benefit clients.

When a technician comes around, you’ll need to discuss your budget as well as allow them to advise you on the scope of demolition work to be performed.

One thing is very clear when it comes to price negotiation; be more concerned about getting quality service first before anything.

DIY Kitchen Demolition As a Cost-Reduction Strategy

Some homeowners may be working on a tight budget which may be insufficient to cover the fee of a professional technician. For such homeowners, the only viable option left is to adopt the DIY route.

Here, a lot of physical work is involved and you should prepare to get dirty.

The process begins by getting all the tools necessary for demolition work to begin.

Basic tools include hammer or pliers, pry bar, chemical stripper, ladder, utility knife, screwdriver, and a heat gun. Others include drop cloths, putty knives, and wallpaper steamer.

With the required tools all in place, you’ll need to know how to proceed. Now, there are several steps involved.

These include removing countertops, removing base cabinets, taking off wall cabinets, removing backsplash, and last but not least removing flooring.

  • DIY Kitchen Demolition May Take Longer than Usual

In your bid to reduce demolition costs, you’ll have to take on or perform the difficult task of the demolition yourself. However, this process doesn’t have to be too difficult as you’ll only need to split demolition tasks evenly.

In other words, the entire project can be split across several days.

If such actions are performed in an orderly and systematic manner, it ends up being more efficient than trying to get everything done at once.

  • You May Have to Buy the Tools Required

Speaking of kitchen demolition costs, the tools for the job mentioned earlier need to be obtained.

Now, this wouldn’t be a problem if you already have them as there’ll be no expenses towards purchasing those. However, if you’re interested in the DIY approach and have no tools, you’ll have to get them.

All of these tools mentioned above should cost a few hundred bucks. You’ll have to find out how much they cost and make comparisons with the cost of hiring a professional technician. This helps you find the needed balance.

  • Post Demolition Cleanup

Your DIY kitchen demolition project is not completed until you perform post demolition cleanup. This is something you can call a cleaning service to carry out.

However, it defeats the aim of trying to cut down on kitchen demolition costs. You will have to perform such a task yourself.

After Kitchen Demolition Comes Remodeling

Having competed gutting your kitchen space, it’s now time to begin your remodel.

You might want to have expert help with that or still perform such remodel yourself. DIY kitchen remodel wouldn’t be a problem for technically-inclined homeowners.

Kitchen demolition costs have been discussed with details on costing methods. We’ve also seen an alternative to a way to cut down on demolition costs. With these, you get to decide what’s best for you.

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