5 Popular Laundry Soaps That Kill Bed Bugs

Does laundry detergent kill bed bugs? Yes. Here are the best brands to buy.

Are you currently battling with a bed bug infestation in your home? You don’t have to dispose of your wardrobe, bedding, carpet, bedsheets, furniture, and other belongings.

There’re efficient and cost-effective ways to eliminate these parasites from your home. One of them is to use laundry soaps that kill bed bugs.

Laundry Soap That Kills Bed Bugs

As you read this post, you’ll learn more about effective detergents that eliminate bed bugs.

We’ll also explain how to use these laundry soaps to treat bed bug infestation. But before then, let’s briefly review what a bed bug is. Some readers only know little to nothing about this parasite.

  • What Do You Know About Bed Bugs?

A bed bug is an irritating little pesky and nocturnal parasite that can be found worldwide.

While this parasite can be harmless, it typically feeds on human blood. After feasting, it can leave you with skin rashes and sometimes cause an allergic reaction.

Bed bugs often hide in furniture, fabrics, bedding, carpeting, and crevices. These insects can be stubborn, ugly, dirty, and dangerous to your skin.

Therefore, you need to exterminate them as soon as possible before they ravage your entire home. Remember, they can disrupt the comfort of your home.

Does Laundry Soap or Detergent Kill Bed Bugs?

Fortunately, some laundry soaps are proven to be killers of bed bugs. However, the soap must directly come in contact with the bed bug.

When washing your clothes or bedsheets, use soap and hot water. This will speed up the killing of these parasites. You do the same when washing your room or cleaning your bedding.

While this is an efficient approach, it only lasts briefly. You cannot use laundry soap to prevent further infestation or total killing of a bed bug.

The Best Way to Use Laundry Soap To Kill Bed Bug

You must know how to use laundry soap to eliminate bed bugs.

If not, the infestation will become more challenging to control. Now how do you do that? It’s pretty simple. You wash infested white cloths with hot water alongside the laundry soap.

Then colored clothing can be cleaned with water at an average temperature. Once you’re done, you put it in a dryer. Bed bugs cannot withstand the heat of dryers.

They’ll quickly die when in contact with this temperature.

Bed Bug Laundry Detergent

Mind you, not all laundry soaps are capable of killing bed bugs. There’re specific soaps that are designed to do the killing job effectively.

Such kinds of soaps are formulated with chemicals that can be friendly to humans yet toxic to bed bugs. Among them are Green Bean Buddy and Formula 4 Bed Bug Laundry Detergent.

Others are Kleen Free Natural Laundry Active, Stop Bugging Me by MouseX, Hygea Natural Bed Bug, and Lice Exterminator Laundry Treatment.

For a better understanding, let’s briefly look into these soaps individually.

  • Formula 4 Bed Bug Laundry Detergent

Generally, bed bugs are attracted to dirty laundry. This soap can eliminate these parasites on your dirty clothes and bedsheets. It’s a compelling and concentrated form of detergent against bed bugs.

You can also use it against insects such as dust mites, fleas, and other similar allergens.

Furthermore, Fomular 4 bed bug laundry detergent has a fresh and clean laundry fragrance. It can also be used with both cold and hot water. This makes it suitable for hospitals, homeless shelters, dormitories, and more.

  • Kleen Free Natural Laundry Active

This multipurpose laundry soap is highly concentrated and superbly formulated with effective ingredients. It’s hypoallergenic, non-pathogenic, and non-flammable.

You don’t need enough soap to eliminate bed bugs from your laundry. With just a single bottle of this concentrated formula, you can wipe out the existence of these parasites.

Besides laundry, you can also apply this concentration in cracks, crevices, tiles, and more. You’ll forget having these uninvited guests in your home within a few minutes to hours.

  • Stop Bugging Me by MouseX

You might think this isn’t an effective laundry soap from the name.

But it is a potent concentrate that’s more than just a repellant. It can kill bed bugs and other allergens within a twinkle of an eye. All you have to do is add two tablespoons of the product and do your laundry.

You don’t have to worry about the safety of your laundry. The detergent is perfectly safe with colorfast and other washable fabrics. It’ll clean your clothes and free them from bug infestation.

  • Hygea Natural Bed Bug and Lice Exterminator Laundry Treatment

The soap is exceptionally effective and powerful against bed bugs, insects, and other allergens.

This is entirely thanks to the active ingredients used in formulating the soap. It comprises 3.0% sodium lauryl sulfate, 1% sodium chloride, and 0.20% citric acid.

Other essential ingredients include potassium sorbate, sodium carbonate, urea, and water. While this soap will act against these parasites, it’ll leave no stain or unpleasant smell on your cloth.

Additionally, it’s safe to be used for all surfaces, including mattresses, upholstery, floors, and walls.

  • Green Bean Buddy

You can count on Green Bean Buddy to eliminate bed bugs in your laundry and home.

In addition to bed bugs, you can eliminate allergens like a cockroach, fleas, dust mites, and more. What’s more? It’s easy to work with and works perfectly with washable cloths, including colorfast fabrics.

To efficiently use this detergent, dilute it with hot water. The appropriate measurement is 1:10. After ten minutes of application; you can start the washing machine.

Green Bean Buddy will leave your clothes clean and sparkling and your home as well. However, you must take precautionary steps when using these detergents.

Using laundry soaps or detergents is an excellent way to kill bed bugs and other allergens. You don’t have to spend your fortune buying the abovementioned soap.

Additionally, these soaps are readily available in the store. However, you must know that laundry soap isn’t a permanent solution to bed bug infestation.

There’re other effective ways you can eliminate these parasites. One of them is to use powerful insecticides. In our subsequent discussions, we’ll list a few insecticides you can use for bed bug treatment.

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