Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning Cost And Service Plans

When it comes to gutter cleaning service providers, Ned Stevens is one trusted cleaning service that doesn’t only offer gutter cleaning but also power washing, roof washing, window cleaning, and shrink wrap services.

In this article, we’re most interested in knowing its gutter cleaning prices.

As you read on, you’ll not only find information about gutter cleaning costs but also the cleaning plans available.

There are several of them as listed below.

With these cost details, you get to make informed decisions while also budgeting better for the cleanup procedure.

Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning Prices

You’re probably reading this article because you want to know how much it will cost to have your gutters cleaned by this cleaning service. While we’ve provided the different gutter cleaning plans below, it’s important to budget more for the procedure than what’s advertised.

The reason for that is simple.

Unforeseen circumstances are commonplace during such cleanup procedures. Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning service may discover certain damages to your gutter that may require repairs replacement.

Such situations are likely to come up when you least expect them.

Also, every gutter cleaning job is different from the other. Lots of factors come into play. You’ll need to have the cleaning service inspect your gutters for a more comprehensive estimation.

With proper budgeting, you may not necessarily spend more than what’s budgeted.

How Much Does Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning Cost?

At Ned Stevens, there are different plans for gutter cleaning.

These plans are categorized under the platinum, platinum-plus, and diamond gutter cleaning plans. For its platinum cleaning service, expect a starting fee of about $40.

For its platinum plus plan, homeowners will be required to pay a starting fee of $50, while its diamond plan starts at $60. For better comprehension, let’s classify these services under two main categories; the platinum service plan as well as the diamond plan.

  • Ned Stevens Platinum Gutter Cleaning Plan

As stated earlier, Ned Stevens offers its gutter cleaning services under different plans.

Each of these plans comes with varying degrees of benefits. Under its platinum plan, homeowners get minimum coverage which includes basic services like 4 scheduled services spanning a period of 12 months.

Speaking of benefits, it’s important to include details about what’s to be enjoyed. Clients under this plan get to enjoy free priority service during peak seasons.

However, weather conditions may impact response times.

Subscribers to its platinum plans get next-day emergency services at no additional cost. However, service times do not include the months of November and December.

During gutter cleaning, added services may need to be provided like gutter re-nailing among others.

For such value-added services, no added costs are incurred. This helps you save about $35 per service and around $140 per year. What more?

Clients subscribed to this plan get a discount of 10% off of gutter repairs and installations.

  • Ned Stevens Diamond Gutter Cleaning Plan

Is there a better service and pricing plan than the platinum plan discussed above? There is! It’s called the diamond plan and includes about 6 scheduled cleaning services offered at different times during the year.

Among those services are its march, spring service, summer service, and fall service.

As its best gutter cleaning plan, it’s normal to expect a wide range of benefits. Ned Stevens offers same-day emergency services to clients at no additional costs. Ordinarily, such service will be charged at $150.

However, this emergency service may be interrupted by weather or other scheduling conditions.

Subscribers to its diamond gutter cleaning plan get a 10% discount off of new gutter installations and repairs. Next-day emergency services also come at no additional cost.

What more? During peak seasons, clients subscribed to this plan get free priority service.

As its diamond subscriber, you get to enjoy additional services such as the re-attachment of leaders and re-nailing of gutter at no additional costs whatsoever. Ned Stevens also offers “Firm Date” scheduling upon request.

Factors Affecting Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning Prices

When working the estimates for your gutter cleaning job, this gutter cleaning service takes into account certain cost influencing factors. These mostly affect its cleaning prices as you’ll soon find out.

Such factors include gutter condition, house height, gutter size, downspout installations, and gutter extras.

  • Gutter Condition

This is one of the primary price-determining factors when it comes to gutter cleaning. For gutters that haven’t been cleaned or maintained for long, such will be in bad condition.

Most times, these gutters are laden with debris which takes longer to clean than normal.

Here, the extra time spent on the job always reflects on the cleaning price. Sometimes, additional repair work may have to be carried out on the gutter. This too impacts on cleaning costs.

  • House Height

Did you know that the height of your home could impact gutter cleaning costs? Here, single-storied homes or buildings tend to attract the least cost for gutter cleaning.

Here, the increased risk involved with cleaning gutters of higher buildings comes into play.

So for instance, the more stories your home has, the higher your gutter cleaning costs will be. More equipment will have to be deployed to get access to the roof and gutters of such a building.

  • Gutter Size

Gutter cleaning is mostly charged by size. Per square footage or linear footage is used for such cleaning jobs. The larger the house, the more gutters are likely to be found. This in turn affects cleaning prices.

  • Downspout Installation

Most times, downspout installations need to be cleaned alongside gutters. Now the reality is, cleaning of such downspouts may actually be costlier than the actual job of gutter cleaning.

You’ll need to find out what applies to your situation by waiting for its cost estimation.

  • Gutter Extras

Additional gutter cleaning services are bound to impact overall cleaning prices. Ned Stevens offers gutter cleaning as well as installation services.

For instance, some clients may want gutter screens or covers to keep out debris. In other cases, gutter fasteners may need to be tightened among other things. These added services attract extra charges to clients.

Ned Stevens gutter cleaning prices are quite varied depending on the cleaning plan you choose. We’ve also included the price-determining factors you’ll need to know about.

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