Types Of Pipe Bursting Equipment & Cost Variations

In this guide, you’ll learn all that there is to know about pipe bursting equipment and cost.

Pipe bursting is a popular method of pipe replacement that has been widely used for some time now. Here, the fracturing of the existing pipe occurs which is necessary due to the deterioration.

In place of the fractured or damaged pipe, a new pipe is pulled into position.

This trenchless method of pipe replacement saves a lot of time and effort spent digging up trenches. The purpose of this article is to discuss pipe bursting equipment, the types as also the costs involved.

The cost here may involve buying such equipment outright or renting them.

Whatever your interests, you should find this an interesting read. So, are you ready to learn?

What Types of Pipes Can These Tools Be Used On?

Whether you’re looking at replacing an undersized or outdated gas, sewer, or water line, pipe bursting equipment will serve all such needs. However, there may be slight variations in the types of tools used.

For example, sewer pipe bursting equipment will include a pulling machine, expander head, retaining device, pulling rods, and hydraulic power pack.

Contractors provide a wide range of solutions to faulty lines through this trenchless repair method.

Factors Affecting Cost of Pipe Bursting Equipment

To purchase pipe bursting equipment, you’ll need to make certain considerations. Such considerations range from buying entire units to purchasing replacement parts.

Of course, the cost difference between replacement parts and whole units will be significant.

Other primary considerations likely to impact cost include the size as well as capabilities or power rating of the pipe bursting machine. In other words, there are light-duty as well as heavy-duty pipe bursting machines.

Speaking of ratings, factors such as the pulley size, the piston area, and the resistant plate size & weight capacity play a role in determining costs.

Other factors determining the power and efficiency of a pipe bursting tool include its pulling force, cable size, hydraulic flow rate, and puller rate.

There’s more! The cost of a pipe bursting tool will also be determined by its pressure gauges, hour meters, hydraulic pressure range, gross weight, engine type & model, fuel tank size, and dimensions.

It’s based on these parameters that the cost of pipe bursting equipment is determined. Additional cost determinants of pipe bursting equipment include the make, year of unit manufacture, and model.

Average Pipe Bursting Equipment Cost

Equipment cost for pipe bursting equipment varies, so does the price of burst pipe repair.

The different factors influencing such variances have been discussed above. Now, let’s consider the cost of the main equipment needed for pipe bursting jobs.

Note that the cost of equipment depends on its brand among other things.

  • R8

If you’re looking for a compact system that can replace pipes anywhere from 1” to 8” in diameter, the R8 is a perfect candidate. In terms of its exact costs, the manufacturer is silent on that and requires the buyer to call for pricing.

This is understandable due to the different factors outlined above. The buyer’s specifications are taken into consideration to arrive at a cost. The R8 has a cylinder weight of about 70lbs and a pulley base weight of 58 lbs.

Its pressure rating is around 3,000 psi and a flow rate of 6 to 22 GPM.

The R8 also has a pulling force of about 30 tons and compatible cable sizes of 9/16,” 11/16,” and 3/4.”

If you wish to purchase its accessories, they’re readily available. Some of these include cable, bursting heads, hydra control, and HDPE debeaders.

Other accessories include wireless communication, R8 hydraulic power pack, and shoring system.

  • New Power Mole PD-33M and Others

This pipe-bursting machine comes with a more compact design. It’s a low-pressure system that operates from a hydraulic power pack or backhoe. It weighs about 145 lbs.

Other types include the Power Mole PD-7 Pipe Bursting Machine and the Power Mole PD-22.

How To Choose A Pipe Bursting Equipment

When it comes to equipment cost, certain considerations need to be made.

These tips help you get the best possible deal. They include choosing a reputable brand, thinking ahead, shopping from the right sources researching expected costs as you currently are.

  • Choosing a Reputable Brand

When it comes to choosing pipe bursting equipment brands, what you settle for matters. In terms of costs, some of the best brands may cost more to purchase.

However, it’s totally worth it as such equipment serves for much longer and is durable.

Speaking of the top brands, some of them include Hammerhead Trenchless, TRIC Tools, and Roddie Inc. Other brands to consider include Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions and TT Technologies.

You may want to compare equipment pricing between these top brands to find the best price possible.

  • Thinking Ahead

Pipe Repair and replacement require having the needed expertise. As a full-service company, you’re expected to have all the tools for repair and replacement for any eventual problems that could arise.

Ignoring the obvious could cost you more.

You’ll need advice from a reputable equipment dealer on the equipment and training needed to successfully conduct a pipe bursting job. This helps guard against eventualities.

In a nutshell, you’ll need to invest in the right tools.

  • Shopping from the Right Sources

Knowing where to purchase your pipe bursting equipment is crucial.

Online retailers tend to offer cheaper prices on pipe-bursting equipment due to their low overhead. A few of these sources include eBay, Craigslist, and several other private seller platforms.

As stated earlier, you’ll also need to compare prices from multiple sellers to help you take advantage of differences in pricing.

  • Researching on Expected Costs

More than anything else, researching expected costs is critical.

Again, you might prefer the convenience offered by online stores as they’re open all day, every day. Plus, their low overhead costs make them a preferred option for many.

What more? Based on your preferences, you can take delivery of products offered right at your doorstep. All of these are likely to cost lesser than buying from a physical store.

Purchasing new pipe bursting equipment tends to cost more than for used equipment.

Despite the higher costs involved, newer equipment will last longer, thus giving you value for money.

Pipe bursting equipment and cost has been discussed so far with some cost-influencing factors provided. You’ll need all the help you can to get the right tools.

Here, we’ve provided such tips to use to your advantage.

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