7 Questions To Ask A Septic Tank Contractor Before Hire

Septic tank contractors are specialists in the installation of septic tanks, maintenance as well as replacements.

Whether you wish to have a septic system installed or want to fix or replace your tank, you’ll need the services of a professional such as a septic tank contractor.

Now, before any job is performed, the client is expected to discuss pressing issues or needs with the contractor.

For such discussions to be meaningful, certain questions will need to be raised and discussed.

In other words, your discussion with a septic tank contractor shouldn’t be random. It should pinpoint the specific need as well as the best way to meet such needs. Reputable septic tank cleaning or pumping services are always willing to help by focusing on the needs of the client.

To have a fruitful discussion, you’ll need to know what questions to ask.

Here, we’ll be providing a guide on key areas to focus on. This should help solve your most pressing septic tank related issues.

The Need to Know

Whatever the situation is, questions are asked for the sole purpose of finding answers. The need to know or be informed is the basis for which these questions have to be asked in the first place.

Now, the right kind of questions has to be asked.

Some of the immediate areas every homeowner should seek to find answers to include the number of years such contractor has operated within your territory. Are they licensed and insured?

Knowing who will perform or carry out the task is also important.

These and many more questions will be discussed shortly. They cover key areas every homeowner would want to fully understand. Your specific questions will fall under any of the categories to be discussed.

Questions Before Hiring A Septic Tank Contractor

Important questions to ask a septic tank contractor aren’t set in stone. However, they provide you with an idea of what needs to be further clarified.

The questions included here are basically those touching on pressing areas that have to do with septic tank installation, replacement, etc.

  • Does the Contractor Have an Operating License?

The installation of septic systems is highly regulated. This is due to the risks involved in the treatment of sewage.

Onsite sewage treatment must be carefully carried out to ensure water sources aren’t polluted. This all starts with hiring a licensed contractor for the job.

As such, you’ll need to find out if your septic tank contractor has a license or not.

Only companies with an operating license should be considered for the job. There’s a need to verify that the company has undergone the rigorous processes required for certification.

Apart from the benefit of getting highly satisfactory services, you also have the added confidence that your job is being handled by a professional.

For this to be possible, only septic tank contractors with an operating license should be considered.

  • How Experienced is the Contractor?

Being certified as a septic tank contractor isn’t enough.

A septic tank contractor with both experience and certification is better compared to one with certification but little to no experience. Experienced contractors usually have a reputation to protect.

Their reputation has been built over time and needs to be protected by upholding set standards. This category of contractors will offer better services.

Therefore, you need to be clear about their level of experience by asking how long they’ve been involved in this area.

  • Is the Septic Tank Contractor Insured?

Being liable for damage or injury resulting from the installation of a septic tank isn’t a responsibility most people want to bear. It’s proper for the septic tank contractor to cover the cost of such unfortunate events when they happen.

Therefore, one of the first things to find out is the insurance status of the contractor.

An insured contractor protects you from any liabilities that could result. It isn’t enough to receive a verbal affirmation about their insurance status. You’ll have to confirm by asking to see the insurance certificate.

A reputable septic tank contractor should have all such information at hand. Their readiness to present such document(s) will speak volumes about their level of professionalism.

  • What Does the Quote or Estimate Include?

One of the ways to prevent any surprises in billing is by clarifying the cost estimates. You’ll need to know what’s included and what isn’t. These may include permit fees, licensed electricians, materials, and so on.

An understanding of the quote saves you the stress of footing a bogus bill.

You’re able to find out if there are any hidden charges embedded within the estimate. Being thorough in finding these answers help a great deal in avoiding future problems that could arise.

  • Will My Landscaping be Affected?

Excavations will have to be made when installing septic tanks.

Now, such excavations are known to alter the immediate surroundings. Now, the level of disruption caused to your landscape is determined by how well or not a job is handled.

Therefore, a question relating to landscape conditions will have to be asked. If a septic tank installation will affect your home’s landscape, you’ll have to find alternatives.

This is necessary because the resale value of your property could be adversely affected.

  • Who Performs the Job?

While it is obvious that a septic tank contractor should perform the installation job, such isn’t always the case.

Some septic companies could be involved in sharp practices such as subletting such contracts to cheaper and less experienced technicians.

When this happens, the quality of the job done isn’t up to par. The negative impact from such action ends up affecting you as the septic system develops issues.

Asking who performs the job saves you the stress of having to deal with dishonest septic tank contractors.

  • What’s the Total Cost?

Cost is one of the key factors considered by most homeowners. Most people would want to find out if installation costs are friendly. In other words, they’ll need to know if they can afford the services of a septic tank contractor.

While it’s important to seek cost-effective services, you should also consider the quality of the job done.

Striking a balance between competitive or favorable pricing and job quality is necessary.

These are some of the most important questions to ask a septic tank contractor when carrying out an installation job. A septic tank contractor gets to know your pressing needs and offers far-reaching recommendations and solutions.

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