Roof Maxx Pros and Cons – 13 Benefits & Downsides To Know

Structural maintenance is a crucial requirement to help extend the lifespan of buildings or other structures.

There’s a huge industry that caters to this need. These consist of products and services offered by a whole range of companies.

Roof Maxx is one such product we’ll be discussing.

Pros And Cons of Roof Maxx

Roofs are vital structural components that may show degradation after a few years. This is especially true for southern climates where there’s greater UV exposure.

Roof Maxx is one such product designed to extend the lifespan of roofs.

Roof treatment with this product has its many pros and cons. If you plan on using Roof Maxx anytime soon, you might want to find out how it impacts your roof.

More importantly, you need to know if it’s worth using for your roof maintenance needs.

  • About Roof Maxx

While Roof Maxx is designed to extend the lifespan of asphalt roofs, you need to know how soon to apply it on tops.

Because roofs degrade quicker in southern climates due to their high UV exposure, it’s best to use Roof Maxx earlier. This should be around 6 to 8 years old.

Northern climates have less UV exposure; as such, it would be best to apply Roof Maxx to roofs around 8 to 10 years old. So, does it mean older roofs are out of the picture or can’t be salvaged using this product?

Not exactly! Treatment can still be administered using this product.

However, such roofs may need some repairs before treating with Roof Maxx. Roofs as old as 15, 20, and even 30 years old can be treated using Roof Maxx.

Is Roof Maxx Worth It?

Now that you know what Roof Maxx is about, what are the pros and cons of usage?

This is an important question as it helps weigh the ups and downs of applying this product to your structure. Starting with the pros, Roof Maxx is environmentally friendly and saves time.

Other benefits include helping to improve the appearance of your roof, a low-cost option, improved flexibility, a more accessible alternative to roof replacement, and fire resistance.

What more? Your roof’s lifespan is extended, has increased granule adhesion, and maintains roof permeability.

On the downside, Roof Maxx can be affected by adverse weather conditions, isn’t compatible with all roof types or materials, reoccurrence of damage is possible, and isn’t a permanent solution.

Product scarcity may be a thing.

i. Roof Maxx Advantages

Having identified the different pros of Roof Maxx, it’s necessary to discuss each of the points identified for better understanding.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Roof Maxx is an eco-friendly product that’s designed from natural ingredients. This prevents any environmental damage and limits the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

  • Saves Time

Compared to roof replacement, the application of Roof Maxx takes only a fraction of the time. This is one of several advantages that make the product widely accepted and used for roof maintenance.

  • It helps Improve Roof Appearance.

Roofs are essential to a home’s aesthetic appeal. As such, you’ll want to use only products that maintain or improve the look of your roof. Roof Maxx does just that.

Cracks and gaps are filled, and the shingles darkened, thus accentuating its appeal.

  • Low-Maintenance Option

Roof replacements are quite invasive and a last resort for damage that can’t be fixed.

With Roof Maxx, you have a low-maintenance option to use. It only needs to be applied to extend your roof’s lifespan. However, little repairs may be required before application.

  • Improved Flexibility

Flexibility is essential for roofs as it helps prevent cracks, especially in adverse conditions like winter. This product seals up all cracks and gaps and is ideal for extreme weather conditions.

  • Fire Resistant

How does Roof Maxx affect your home during a fire situation? Roof Maxx doesn’t worsen hazards like fire outbreaks as it’s designed to be fire resistant.

This makes it a safe option for your home. You don’t want a product that aggravates a fire situation.

  • Extended Lifespan

One of the apparent advantages of using Roof Maxx is its ability to extend your roof lifespan. Your roof’s lifespan is extended by as much as five years.

Most homeowners will find this acceptable as it helps keep their properties usable until they’re prepared to call for roof replacement.

  • Maintains Roof Permeability

Although roofs are designed to be impermeable and hold against the elements, a level of permeability is allowed to help your roof breathe.

This is necessary to prevent moisture buildup, which could be problematic in homes.

Applying a Roof Maxx won’t affect a roof’s permeability. It still allows the top to breathe while protecting it from the elements.

ii. Roof Maxx Disadvantages

There are downsides to using Roof Maxx. It’s important to know what they are to enable you to determine whether to go on with their use or not.

  • Affected by Harsh Climatic Conditions

Although Roof Maxx is designed to protect roofs from the elements, it only limits the impact of such conditions. Over time, it slowly degrades under harsh weather conditions like winter and high winds.

  • Isn’t Compatible with All Roof Types

Not all roof types or materials are suitable for treatment using Roof Maxx.

Outside of asphalt materials, other roofs will require more convenient products, as Roof Maxx does little to nothing to protect such.

  • Possible Reoccurrence of Damage

This is especially true for roofs already showing damage signs before treatment. For these, Roof Maxx may only postpone the damage to a later time when its strength begins to wane.

  • Not a Permanent Solution

When appropriately applied, Roof Maxx may serve the purpose of asphalt roof protection. However, this protection isn’t indefinite, as it slowly degrades with time.

You may have to reapply to prevent roof exposure and deterioration.

  • Product Scarcity May be a Thing

While Roof Maxx is a readily available product, especially in urban areas, there may be scarcity in some places. This is especially true for remote locations.

With Roof Maxx’s pros and cons discussed, you have a better idea of whether to buy the product.

While the advice information provided is essential, it’s best to ask a professional about the effect of Roof Maxx on your home. This way, you have double assurance on what approach needs to be taken.

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