How Much Does Shed Removal Cost?

Here is an estimated cost to remove a shed altogether.

Have an old shed you wish to remove? You may need some help with cost estimation. This article is all about that.

Here, we provide all the pricing details that could apply to your project.

Also included are the factors affecting shed removal pricing and ways to carry out the project yourself for DIY enthusiasts.

Common Reasons For Shed Removal

A shed can be removed for several reasons. Some of the most common ones include the need for a change in style and an ugly shed.

Other possible reasons include a shed being taken over by pests or you simply want to minimize.

  • Need for Change in Style

Often, homeowners will want to restyle or remodel their shed. Unlike houses, sheds cannot be renovated as they’re better removed and replaced.

In this case, you may wish to replace your old shed with something more modern and appealing.

  • The Shed is Ugly

Some sheds may deteriorate due to the action of the elements.

Over time, these structures become ugly and deface a building. This is especially true when essential maintenance action hasn’t been frequently provided.

  • When the Shed is Infested by Pest

Sheds used for storage are quickly overtaken by pests when proper preventive action isn’t put in place. Now, the easiest thing to do is to have a pest control service come around for essential pest treatments.

Sometimes, such treatments aren’t enough, as the cause for pest infiltration may be due to severe structural deterioration. In this case, the most logical thing to do is tear down the structure.

  • The Need to Minimize

As a new occupant or owner of a building, your preferences regarding how such property should be may differ from the previous owner. This could lead to minimizing by entirely removing an existing shed.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove An Old Shed?

Having your shed removed is one action that requires an onsite assessment of the structure. This is necessary for a bid to arrive at an exact cost. Now, not all sheds are of the same type and size.

Also, sheds are constructed from different materials.

So, each project is estimated differently from the next in determining shed removal costs. Nevertheless, we can provide a range within which removal prices fall.

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Shed removal can be performed for as low as $149.

Depending on the type of shed, removal costs can climb as much as $2,000. Shed removal prices range from $149 to $2,000. So, why is there a difference in removal prices?

Several factors are responsible for this, as you’ll find out shortly.

Factors Affecting Shed Removal Prices

Multiple variables determine shed removal prices.

These factors include the shed foundation, type, condition, and location.

Other factors include the type of construction, shed condition, shed size, ease of access, lawn reseeding, and shed content.

  • Shed Foundation

The price you pay for shed removal will be primarily determined by the type of foundation supporting the shed. Shed foundations with cement anchor points tend to cost more to remove compared to those sitting on the ground.

  • Shed with Electricity

If your shed is wired with electricity, chances are you’ll attract higher removal fees than one that isn’t. All electric wiring and fixtures must be removed before the shed demolition begins.

This takes up additional time, which is factored into the cost.

  • Shed Type

Shed type matters when calculating removal prices. Varying designs range from box sheds to gable, gambrel, vinyl, metal, and wooden sheds, among others.

Some are built as permanent structures, and others with basic shed designs.

Your shed type will determine the shed removal cost. Those with concrete bases are more expensive to remove as they’re challenging to demolish.

  • Shed Condition

What’s the condition of your shed? Sheds will be in varying states of deterioration.

Old sheds are mostly damaged; hence, they are easier to demolish as they collapse easily. The opposite applies to newer, sturdier sheds, which attract higher removal prices.

  • Shed Location

The location of a shed is likely to impact removal prices.

For some sheds, accessibility might be an issue. In other words, such sheds might be challenging to reach. Removing sheds from specific locations will take more effort and time than others.

  • Type of Construction

Shed construction matters, especially when it has to do with the type of construction materials involved. Common construction materials include brick, wood, and reclaimed wood.

The level of difficulty involved in dismantling such materials will affect removal costs.

  • Shed Size

It’s easy to associate a shed’s removal cost with its size. Here, the larger the size of your shed, the higher your removal cost is likely to be.

  • Lawn Reseeding

How is lawn reseeding related to removing a shed? In more ways than you think!

When a shed has been successfully removed, what’s left is a space that needs to be reseeded un; of course, you wish to have a new shed built on such an area.

To have your lawn reseeded, prepare to incur additional costs.

This won’t be necessary if you do not need lawn reseeding. However, it’s best to consider speaking with a demolition expert if you’re confused about what action(s) to take.

  • Shed Content

Is your shed empty, or does it contain contents that must be removed or disposed of?

This is important in determining demolition costs. It takes additional work to remove a shed’s contents before demolition begins.

Expect to incur additional charges for such.

Can I Reduce Shed Removal Cost through DIY Methods?

Many DIY enthusiasts will be drawn towards performing the actual demolition themselves. If you belong to this category of persons, you’ll find this option more viable.

Here, removal costs are significantly reduced.

However, you’ll need all the necessary tools for the job. Such devices include a pry bar, drill, pliers, broom, adjustable wrench, and claw hammer.

Others include handsaw, tarps, ladders, and safety equipment such as gloves, work boots, hard hats, and glasses.

These are some critical details you need to know about shed removal prices. A handyperson can perform a shed demolition job efficiently.

It’s essential to thoroughly discuss any grey areas regarding pricing before the project commences.

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