9 Types of Skunk Repellents and How They Work

Do you need to know the types of repellent for skunks and how to use them to keep your yard skunk-free?

Skunks can cause real problems if they are allowed to linger on a property for too long. Apart from the damages they can cause around the house, the small creatures are also known to be a major carrier of rabies.

Are you searching for a skunk repellent spray that works? Do you desire a skunk-free home?

On this webpage, you will find a list of the best skunks repellent that money can buy. You will also find every other information you need to know about skunks here. Read on!

What Are Skunk Repellents And How Do They Work?

As the name suggests, Skunk repellents are specially formulated products (powder, sprays, and devices) that prevent or drive skunks away from an environment.

Skunk repellents do not harm or kill skunks. They only drive them away from the yard, garden, etc. They work by producing strong odor which irritates the animal’s sense of smell, forcing them away from wherever the repellent is.

It often comes in different forms but each of these forms has only one purpose – to keep skunks away from a property.

Types Of Skunk Repellents

There are several types of skunk repellents in our world today. Each of these can be used separately or simultaneously with another type to maintain a skunk-free home.

Below are some of the known repellents for skunks today.

  1. Ammonia & Pepper Sprays

Ammonia possesses a very strong smell that is repulsive to several animals out there. When applied in an enclosed area with an old cloth or any other applicator, it can keep skunks away from that area for a very long time.

Pepper sprays are also known to irritate the eyes and nose of most animals including humans. They are very good repellents to use in driving skunks away.

  1. Electronic Devices

These are specially designed pieces of equipment that can be used to prevent and drive skunks away. Some of these electronic devices give out light, sound and other things that can scare skunks away from an environment.

Though electronic devices are very good repellents to use against skunks, you can not trust them to get the job done 100%. They are best combined with other types of skunk repellents for quick and lasting results.

  1. Liquid Sprays

This is one of the most popular and effective types of skunk repellent you can come across. Most of such liquid sprays rely on their strong smell to drive or prevent skunks from getting into an area.

Skunk liquid-repellent is often made from the predators’ urine and other natural ingredients that are known to irritate the animal’s sensory organs.

This is the common type you find in shops and online stores where pesticides and rodenticides are sold.

  1. Repellent Powder

Also made from organic material and chemicals, these substances can keep skunks away from a yard for more than a month.

Like some other types of repellents, these produce strong odor which can linger in an environment for a very long time. That is the major reason it is one of the most effective ways of controlling skunks all over the world.

Is Skunk Repellent Harmful To Humans And Dogs?

It is not an unnatural thing for you to worry about your safety and that of your dogs when using skunk repellent anywhere near your home. These repellents are often made with chemicals that cause harm to us if we do not take precautions about how we use them.

If the instructions on the labels are properly followed, we may not face any health challenge from using them anywhere near our homes.

The only time we may have to worry about our health when it comes to using skunk repellents, is when we allow it to be absorbed into our skin. Also, if the product is ingested, it can harm us.

Top 5 Skunk Repellents To Buy

Are you searching for a skunk repellent to get rid of skunks from your yard?

Below is a list of the best skunk repellents money can buy presently.

  1. Havahart Critter Ridder 3146 Animal Repellent

This product contains capsaicin, piperine, and black pepper oils. These natural oils are known to be very effective when it comes t driving skunks away from an area.

Fully registered and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, this is one of the best repellents you can ever buy to make your yard skunk-free. According to the label, the effect of one application can last in an area for about 30 days.

  1. Bonide (BND 2361) -Repels- All Animal Repellent, Granules

This skunk repellent is very effective in driving away skunks from an area and preventing them from coming back. The product contains natural chemicals that irritate skunk nasal passages, causing the animal to leave the environment to another place.

The granule once applied can last for about 2 months in an area, driving away skunks, squirrels, and other smaller animals. Being eco-friendly, the product is biodegradable and will not cause any harm when used following the instructions on the label.

  1. Colton’s Naturals Small Animal Spray Repellent

Are you searching for a skunk repellent with all-natural ingredients? Colton’s Naturals Small Animal Spray Repellent may be the exact thing you need.

The product contains ingredients that are safe for both humans and pets. It gets rid of pests without killing them. You can apply it in your yard, garage and anywhere else around the home that skunk is a problem.

  1. PREDATOGUARD Expel Natural Animal Repellent

This repellent is made of Cinnamon Oil, Garlic Oil, Paraffin Wax, Peppermint Oil, Vinegar, etc. It irritates skunk and other small animals’ sense of smell and taste. Thereby driving the animals out of an environment.

You can use it as a barrier around your house to prevent skunks and other small animals from getting in. The product can also be used almost everywhere skunk is a problem in your home.

  1. Bonide (BND2405) -Repels- All Animal Repellent Concentrate

This concentrate just like the granules repels skunks from a property without harming them. It does this through the irritation of their eyes and nose. It also produces an odor that drives them out.

According to the product label, this concentrate will not cause any harm to kids or pets. It can be applied anywhere around the house with or without kids there. Once applied, the effect can last up to 60 days in an area.

Where And How To Apply Skunk Repellents

Skunks are nocturnal. That means they are more active in the night than during the day. That is also when they cause the most damages at home.

Below are some of the top spots to find them at home.

  • Garbage Can Area

Skunks are mostly attracted to food through their sense of smell. Part of the places they often go in search of such foods includes the Garbage can area.

Knowing this, apply as much skunk repellent as you can around the Garbage can area and see what will happen. Those skunks already in that region will be forced to run away from that environment.

In the same way, others will no longer find it easy coming around there anymore.

  • Gardens

This another place you can find skunks occasionally in your home. Most of the skunk repellents mentioned in this list are safe for use around plants so you don’t have to worry about that.

  • Wood Piles

Wood piles are often a common place for these creatures to hide. If there are woodpiles around the house, that’s one of the places you should never forget to apply those skunk repellents.

  • Yard

Skunks are mostly found in the yard at home. Sometimes in a corner that is not frequently visited. If you want to have a skunk-free yard, consider checking out such places and applying enough repellent there.

  • Entrances and Exits

The entrances and exits in your house must be applied if you want to keep skunks away from it completely.

However, you must leave at least one exit through which the skunks are expected to leave if you begin the application. That way, they will not be trapped in your house and keep running around till they die.

To create a barrier around your house using the skunk repellent, apply it in a 10 to 30 centimeters strips. That is the only way you can prevent skunks and other smaller animals from getting into your home.

In Conclusion

We have explained in this article nearly everything you need to know about skunk repellent and how to use it to keep your home free from those small critters.

Are you searching for the best repellent that money can buy? Do you want to know how to drive and prevent skunks from getting into your surroundings?

If you are rather looking for how to remove skunk smell, here is a guide you’ll find useful.

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