Fence Removal Costs – Wood, Barbed Wire, Concrete & Chain Linked

In this guide, we’ll be looking at the cost of fence removal.

Home construction includes a lot of things including fence demolition or removal, replacement, and remodeling. Every client has their unique construction needs which should be handled by professionals.

To hire the services of such professionals, cost or pricing will play a major role in determining who gets hired.

This article focuses on one aspect of construction which is demolition. Whether you’re interested in replacing an old fence or simply want to remodel, knowing the prices for such tasks will be necessary.

We’re here to help the reader have an idea of fence removal costing.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Fence?

While the actual job of removing a fence may seem like a straightforward task, a whole lot of things are involved.

The whole process begins with hiring a professional. While the cost of performing a fence demolition is important, there are other aspects of the job that are as important.

So what are we talking about? It’s important when hiring a demolition expert or service not to base your decisions solely on the price quote.

Instead, you should go deeper than that by looking at the company’s reputation. The more reputation a demolition service has, the more likely it is to offer satisfactory services.

So, how does one figure out the reputation of a demolition company?

One of the simple ways to achieve this is by taking a look at online reviews. These are dropped by clients who have used the services of the company in the past. Online reviews reveal a lot about the company’s capabilities.

Factors Determining Fence Removal Costs

There are varying factors that determine the cost of removing a fence. The three main factors we’ll consider include the type of fence, your location, fence size as well as the demolition company you hire.

Let’s go a bit deeper to discuss what each of these factors entails.

  • The Type of Fence to be Demolished

The type of fence to be demolished will determine the cost of demolition. This implies that fences could be made of different materials. Demolition contractors get called to demolish various fence types.

So, what are these types of fences?

Some of the most common and popular types include wooden fences, chain link fences, steel or aluminum fencing, vinyl fencing, and wrought iron fencing.

Here, the cost is determined by the level of difficulty involved in tearing down the fence.

Of these five fence types, wooden fences pose the least difficult as they’re easy to get rid of. So, you should be prepared to attract higher demolition fees for more difficult jobs.

For instance, on average, chain link fence removal costs $3 – $5 per foot.

  • Your Location

One of the key determinants of fence removal costs is your location as a client.

Big cities typically have a higher cost of living. So, calling for fence demolition in such locations will understandably attract higher fees.

In general, demolition costs are higher in such locations compared to suburban areas. You’ll need to consider your location when calling for fence demolition jobs.

  • Fence Size

Fence size is crucial to pricing. Now, demolition contractors will normally charge or price their services on a “per square foot” basis. The wider the area to be demolished is, the higher your demolition costs are likely to be.

So, the calculation of a specific fence removal job will require an onsite assessment to determine costs.

  • Demolition Company you Choose

There are lots of players in the demolition services industry. This brings about competition in the pricing models adopted by different contractors.

Now, a contractor may either provide value-added services and maintain a fixed cost for a particular job or allow for negotiation by providing basic demolition services.

There’s an interplay of market forces (demand and supply), the time of year (off-peak and peak periods), as well as the nature of the job among others. So, it’s necessary to explore your choices to know what’s involved.

More importantly, you’ll need to strike a balance between job quality and affordability.

Cost of Demolishing A Fence

So far, we’ve seen that fence demolition or removal is determined by the above factors.

Based on these, the average demolition cost per square foot ranges from $1 to $2.50. Having an exact figure will be determined by multiplying the cost per square footage by the area to be demolished.

In other cases, fence demolition costs can be a much as $10 to $12 per square foot. This will be more common with major cities having higher living costs.

Nevertheless, you can work your way around the high fees by getting multiple quotes from different contractors.

Cost of Removing An Old Fence

In the case whereby there’s an existing fence that has to be removed, the old will have to make way for the new. Whatever your reasons for replacing a fence are, removal costs will be added to the cost of installing a new fence.

Other expenses incurred will include post-removal cleanup.

To better understand fence replacement costs, you’ll need to consider fence demolition costs per square foot which range from $1 to $2.50 or $10 to $12 per square foot.

Based on the fence size, demolition costs could cost anywhere from $100 to $1,500.

This includes the cleanup costs.

Now, having a fence removed will incur higher costs as the labor involved among other details needs to be factored in.

Fence installation costs will range from $1,500 to $3,500. When calculated on a per-linear-foot basis, such costs will range from $12 to $25. These prices exclude removal costs for the old fence.

Is There A Way To Reduce Fence Removal Costs?

When it comes to fence removal, project costs can be reduced by adopting DIY techniques.

Here, you’ll be performing the demolition or removal task yourself. However, such jobs are quite risky as accidents could occur.

You’ll need to be skilled in this area to perform a decent job.

That way, you save yourself the extra costs involved in calling a demolition contractor. So, is it worth the try? It depends on who you ask. Basically, fence removal jobs handled by professional contractors are better done than DIY jobs. You be the judge!

Fence removal costs are crucial when seeking to have your fence torn down. We’ve provided multiple cost scenarios used by demolition contractors. These should apply to your situation.

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