How Much Does Swimming Pool Removal Cost? [Demolition Prices]

How much does it cost to demolish a pool? Here is a pricing guide.

Do you have an old swimming pool you’ll love to have removed or demolished? One thing you’re likely to be concerned about is the cost of carrying out such demo projects.

The removal procedure is quite complex and attracts varying costs based on the level of complexity among other things to be disclosed shortly.

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How Much Does Pool Demolition Cost?

When discussing costs, a lot is involved. However, the national average for such a task is around $6,000.

There’s a possibility of costs climbing significantly higher than the national average. This is based on many factors such as the type of construction materials used, as well as the swimming pool location.

Other factors influencing costs include pool size, accessibility to the site, demolition contractor, and the type of demolition to be performed.

In giving a brief cost rundown, you’re likely to incur zero costs for site assessment or pre-demolition inspection.

How much does it cost to remove a pool?

A demolition permit needs to be obtained which starts from $300. The extent of demolition also adds up to total costs. Complete pool demolition will cost around $7,000 to $15,000.

For partial demolition, this will cost you anywhere from $3,500 to $7,000.

More details on partial and complete demolition are supplied below. Demolition isn’t complete until debris is cleared from the site. This costs around $1,000.

The cost to remove an inground pool is around $10,000 – $20,000 while you will spend about $2,000 – $3,000 as the cost for an above-ground swimming pool.

Factors Affecting Cost To Demolish A Swimming Pool

As seen from the cost figures provided so far, quite a lot is involved in determining swimming pool demolition.

We’ve mentioned these factors earlier. Now, we’ll be taking a look at each of those for a better idea of what’s involved.

  • Type of Construction Materials Used

Although most pools are made from concrete, these are lined with varying materials including concrete, vinyl, gunite, or fiberglass. Now each of these materials poses varying challenges with removal.

Pure concrete and gunite pools are the most difficult to remove and also consume significant time. It’s only logical that contractors translate difficulty levels to the cost incurred.

  • Swimming Pool Location

Where you live is likely to have an impact on swimming pool demolition costs. The national average supplied earlier may be exceeded in certain locations while in some others; costs could be lesser than that.

This simply points to the cost of living across different cities or locations.

To have an idea of how location impacts swimming pool demolition costs, data collected from the following areas should suffice. Swimming pool demolition costs in Dallas, TX costs around $10,000. However, in Hillside IL, the same job goes for $6,900.

Residents in Davis City CA pay about twice the amount paid in Hillside IL. That is around $12,000.

In a location like Reading, PA, swimming pool demolition costs amount to about $5,000. The same task costs around $8,500 in Livonia, MI.

These are just a few examples of how location impacts swimming pool removal and demolition costs. For some, the differences in costs aren’t so significant. However, the opposite applies in other locations.

  • Swimming Pool Size

Your swimming pool size will impact the demolition costs you end up paying.

As expected, larger pools will normally cost higher to demolish. With increased labor comes higher costs. Demolishing bigger swimming pools will result in lots of debris that needs to be cleared.

Most demolition contractors will include cleanup costs in the total or final quotes.

Sometimes swimming pool demolition jobs may not only be large but also complex. When faced with such situations, the labor hours increase. This translates to costs that are borne by the client.

  • Accessibility to Demolition Site

Swimming pool demolition and removal costs will also be affected by accessibility. How accessible is your swimming pool? When the demolition company comes around, they seek easy access to the pool area.

Heavy demolition machinery like excavators among others will need to be conveyed to the site. Plus, ample space for maneuverability of such machines is necessary.

With lots of significant obstacles come increased costs. In other words, the more obstacles, the higher the costs.

In a nutshell, obstacles to swimming pool demolition present increased challenges by way of time taken to complete the job.

Demolition jobs that charge hourly rates (pretty much every demolition company follows this pricing model) will see an increase in cost for tasks that take longer due to the presence of obstacles.

  • Demolition Contractor

There are lots of demolition contractors or companies that offer demolition services.

For niche-specific demolition services like pool removal, there are variations in the pricing or cost of service. As a smart client, you’ll need to take advantage of such differences in cost to find the best service at the lowest possible cost.

This requires asking for price quotes from as many demolition services as possible.

The good part is that most of the reputable swimming pool demolition companies provide free cost estimates. They come to the pool area and assess the job before giving you a cost figure.

You get to choose your preferred service in terms of cost.

However, it’s also important to consider customer reviews. This is necessary because it helps you avoid non-professionals. Customer reviews point to the most reliable demolition services to patronize.

Having found the answers, what remains is to contact the company for business.

  • Type of Demolition

The type of demolition involved is crucial to determining swimming pool removal costs.

There are basically two types which are; complete pool removal and partial pool removal. For complete removal, the target is to demolish the pool and hauling the debris away.

Also, the hole left behind will have to be filled up. This is followed by the grading of the area. Due to the volume of work involved, total demolition costs more than partial demolition.

Having explained total demolition, what does partial demolition involve?

For partial demolition, the approach is a bit different.

This is a cheaper alternative that involves partially breaking up part of the swimming pool walls. Unlike complete demolition where debris needs to be hauled away, the hole is filled with debris plus gravel.

Although partial demolition is cheaper, it isn’t ideal for situations where structures need to be built on the surface.

Swimming pool removal and demolition costs have been discussed here.

Also, the factors affecting such costs have been supplied. With the information provided, you’re able to make better preparation in terms of budgeting as well as bargaining with your service provider.

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