Tree Rigging Ropes: Arborist Selection Guide & Best Brands to Buy

This article discusses ropes for rigging and focuses on essential buying tips to help you choose the right product. As a first-time shopper for this rigging equipment, the details supplied here help you shop smarter.

Apart from buying tips, we’ve also included information on some of the top arborist rigging rope brands to pick from.

Rigging Ropes for Tree Climbing and Arborists

Arborists use a variety of tools that help make their jobs more efficient.

Some standard tools used include tree lopper pole saws, chain saws, hand saws, pruners, hatchets, hedge trimmers, axes, hand pruners, and rigging ropes, among many others.

Our focus here is on one of these tools; rigging ropes.

  • About Tree Rigging Ropes

Before we get into details on the subject, we must briefly introduce what these rigging tools are made from. First off, they’re designed in such a way as to absorb impact energy partially.

This is the secret to their durability.

Ropes for rigging are designed from a blend of polyester-polyester, polypropylene-polyester, and nylon-polyester. Arborists use these for trimming tree limbs and lowering them to the ground.

These are vital tools that help make the work a lot easier.

Picking the Best Arborist Rigging Rope

You’ll need all the correct information to make intelligent buying decisions as a buyer. Now, tree trimming and removal jobs can be complex and involve trees of varying sizes.

So, you’ll need to identify your load limit, rope strength, rope options, and the right supplier.

The environment you’ll be working in matters. Also, consider other factors like rope diameter, easy maintenance, and possible replacement for ropes used for long.

All of these factors combined make for better purchase and maintenance decisions.

Let’s further discuss each point briefly.

  • Load Limit

Load limit should be one of the main areas of focus when shopping for rigging ropes.

What types of tree cutting or pruning jobs will be performed by you? Medium to large trees will involve a great deal of lifting. As such, you should go for a heavy-duty type rigging rope.

Rigging ropes are designed with varying load limits. It’s vital to consider this when shopping for your strings.

In a nutshell, you’ll have to pick an appropriate rigging rope that fits the types of logging jobs you’ll be performing. This helps prevent accidents, thus enhancing safety.

  • Rope Strength

This is a primary consideration when choosing ropes for rigging. Here, we’re talking about tensile strength. Different rope designs come with varying load capacities from 5,000 to 10,000 lbs.

Even after finding the perfect rope, it’s essential never to use more than 10% of the carrying capacity of a string.

This enhances safety for users. When it comes to rope strength, one of the best types to go for is the double braided type. This will efficiently serve a wide range of tasks.

  • Rope Options

There are different rigging rope designs or options you can choose from. The main types include the double braided, 3-strand, 12-strand, and 16-strand ropes.

Each of these types has load limits. So, you’re left to decide what to go for. As stated earlier, the double braid tends to be the most durable.

  • Picking the Right Supplier

When selecting a rigging rope, it’s crucial to avoid cutting corners.

The reason is simple; safety is paramount, and you want to avoid any accidents resulting from substandard products. This is the reason why you need to pick a reputable supplier.

Some rigging equipment suppliers have earned the reputation of only dealing in quality products and supplies. It’s necessary to make your findings before deciding on where to shop.

This way, you get to avoid getting disappointed.

  • Consider your Work Environment

Before picking a rigging rope, it’s necessary to consider your work environment.

Your environment can have a significant impact on the rigging process. Here, we’re talking about climatic effects, with temperature being a key consideration.

Areas with hot climates will require rigging ropes that can withstand high temperatures. You’ll have to go for durable wire ropes to begin with.

Some equipment can also be affected by corrosion, especially near salt water.

  • Rope Diameter

Rope diameter is critical in determining its strength and load-carrying capacity.

One diameter that readily serves various rigging functions is a 9/16” rope. Other diameters will still fit a wide range of rigging functions.

  • Easy Maintenance

Is the rope easy to maintain?

Another factor you’ll need to consider when shopping for a rigging rope. Most times, maintenance has more to do with how you use the equipment than its design.

It’s best to have a carrying bag and avoid careless use, which could affect the lifespan.

  • Possible Replacement

Even the best ropes for rigging will need to be replaced after being used for a long.

If you do a lot of heavy logging work, you’ll need to have a replacement because the characteristics of your rope will slowly change and weaken.

Replacement helps guarantee safety.

Top Rigging Rope Brands

There are major brands known for making quality rigging ropes used by arborists.

Some of these brands and a few of their products include Yale Cordage (maker of Yale Rigging ropes, Double Esterson, and Polydyne), and Teufelberger (maker of Teufelberger rigging rope and Sirius rigging rope).

Samson is another major brand that produces products like Samson Rigging Ropes, Nystrom, Stable Braid, and Pro-Master, among others.

The Sterling brand has products like the Sterling Rigging Ropes and Atlas Rigging Ropes.

Quality Rigging Rope Products

There are lots of rigging products available to pick from.

Examples include the Notch Kraken Rigging Line, the Samson Dynasorb II Rigging Line, Notch Gargoyle Double Braid Rigging Rope, the ProForce Bull Rope, Tenex-TEC Rigging Line, and the Marlow Raptor Bull Rope.

More rigging ropes include Arborist Bull Rope, Forestry Pro Bull Rope, and the Multiline II Bull Rope.

With the information provided, you can better shop for your rigging ropes without much difficulty. More importantly, you get to shop smarter.

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