9 Smart Ways To Advertise A Cleaning Service

In this post, I will be writing about ways to promote your cleaning business. Whether you’ve been in the business for years or you’re just starting, fret not. These steps can help you quadruple your conversion rates if you follow them faithfully.

How do you feel when you hear some business service provider somewhere close to your office or neighborhood in the heart of downtown or elsewhere blaring at the top of their voice on a megaphone, “This soap cures all kinds of skin infection—measles, eczema, etc. Use it twice only and all your skin problems will be a thing of the past! Only $2 for one! Buy two, get one free! Buy now! Buy now!”

Especially on a hot afternoon!

This can be annoying, right?

Yes, it can. There are better ways this service provider can use to promote his or her business and sell even more without constituting a nuisance and disturbing the peace of the neighborhood.

Sit back tight, relax, and enjoy the read. Let’s go.


Set a good record:

The best form of advertisement, they say, is often by word of mouth. People would in most cases recommend your business when they notice that you’re offering good value.

When your services are excellent, your clients have no choice but to refer people to you even without asking them to do so. What can be more fantastic and better than this?

Do an excellent job and clients would gladly tell others about you. It will also qualify you for repeat business.

To be very good in the cleaning business you’d have to keep upgrading and be abreast of the latest technologies and developments in the industry. Be hungry for capacity development and growth. These things will qualify you for referrals, I assure you.

Experience has shown that one of the fastest ways of securing a conversion in business is through a referral.

Apart from the fact that your clients would tell people about you, they’re likely to come back for repeat business, thus ensuring that on a large scale you’re able to retain your clientele base and can add more to it.

But it doesn’t just end in telling people you run a cleaning business. You must be specific. Tell them about the benefits of your services and why you stand out amongst other cleaning service providers in your locality or area.

People want proof even if it’s oral validation. Mention the names of companies you’ve worked for or the number of homes you’ve serviced. I will advise that if you’re into residential cleaning that you don’t mention the names of clients except you’ve been authorized or allowed to do so.

It’s usually better maintaining some form of confidentiality in business when you’re not too sure of how a client will feel if they got to hear from people that your company is the one handling their cleaning service.

Some clients may not find this funny.

Ask People to tell others about your business:

As a corollary to the first point just discussed, you should also make it a good habit to tell ask people if they can tell others about your cleaning business. It’s been proven time and again that referral marketing helps businesses get long-term clients.

But it doesn’t just end in saying that you should talk to people about your business, you should also know how to go about this. For instance, who do you talk to? When do you talk to them? And so on.

Knowing your target market helps you to narrow down the number of persons you should be talking to. Not everyone will be interested in your cleaning business services. Thus, the set of persons you talk to will be dependent on the niche of your cleaning service.

Cleaning businesses come in different niches. There is the residential cleaning business, the commercial cleaning business, carpet cleaning business, window cleaning, and so on. Each of these niches has its peculiarity.

Consequently, a businessman who is into residential cleaning only may not be fully equipped to handle commercial services if called upon. It will therefore not be business savvy or wise of him if he goes about pitching to every Tom, Dick, and Harry about his business not mindful if they’re good prospects for his niche. If he doesn’t do his due diligence properly before pitching he will most likely be talking to the wrong audience.

Go the Extra Mile:

Let’s assume you’re hired to clean the windows on the front exterior of a building. Most service providers who don’t understand the magical effect of value-added services may just do only what they’re contracted to do and no more.

As a cleaner, it’s your duty as a company to survey the areas surrounding the portion you’ve been hired to clean.

If you observe that the side exteriors of the building have dirty windows, using the illustration given in the first paragraph above, it will be a good business strategy if you decide to also clean that part of the building without asking to be paid for it.

However, I will advise that you seek the consent and due approval of the client who hired you before proceeding with this. It is also important that you consider your running costs for executing both the primary job for which you were hired and the value-added service you decide to offer before you decide to offer this value-added service.

If offering a value-added service will eat into your profit, I will advise that you don’t go on with it. There are alternative ways to offer it.

You may decide to offer a discount on the primary offer.

Print flyers:

Most people think flyers are no longer in vogue and have now become an old school in the business world due to the growing popularity of social media and the internet. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

Flyers still work in the business. It is not only relevant for church programs; it is also relevant in business circles.

You can do door-to-door sharing of flyers or you can position yourself at strategic street corners where you’re sure you will see a lot of people. A word of caution, however— bear in mind your target audience before choosing where to share your flyers.

If you’re a commercial cleaner, it won’t be a good strategy focusing on the sharing of your flyers in residential areas. You would have to go to where you’d see companies and businesses that will need your services.

Integrate Emailing into your Inbound Marketing:

This is so, so important. Ask any proven online marketer and they’ll tell you that the money is in the list. What does this mean?

Here’s a simple truth— when you run adverts on Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, or elsewhere that draws traffic to your website, not all of the people who visit your website are likely to come back again. However, there’s a simple way you can use to make them come back.

Enter email marketing.

To begin with, you can add an opt-in box on the landing page to your advert. When people click on your link on Facebook or elsewhere it takes them directly to this landing page. Ideally, this landing page contains your blog post.

You may use pop-ups that will appear a few seconds after they arrive on this page so that they can enter their email address and other vital details you wish to get from them.

When you get the email addresses of hundreds or thousands of visitors to your website it gives you a treasure trove of opportunities to make wealth.

You can repeatedly send them emails advertising your service. Imagine having over a thousand or more email subscribers on your list. It is possible that each time you mail them, up to five, ten, or more can hire you for a service. Now you see why it’s often said that the money is on the list!

I will advise that you hire a good copywriter who will help you with writing your email scripts. If you can’t afford one due to the stage you’re in your business, you can learn how to write copies by browsing the internet. A good way to start is by searching on Google, “How to start writing email scripts or copies for my cleaning business.”

Build your Inbound Marketing:

There has been so much buzz about inbound marketing as the best form of marketing that gives small businesses high conversion rates. I agree with this because I have seen it work in my business too.

When you blog constantly about your business it helps to keep your website active and guarantees you a steady flow of traffic. Customers want to see proof of your competence and your sustainability as a cleaner.

Nobody wants to deal with a business service provider who isn’t reliable. When you keep posting and writing on your blog, people will keep coming again and again to read your blog articles.

You can use your blog to demonstrate your expertise by writing about your services as a cleaning business and also writing about other kinds of stuff in the cleaning business.

I will advise that you also use pictures in your articles. Studies have shown that blog posts with pictures gain more traction than ones without it.

Do great SEO:

A lot of the time people are confused whenever Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is mentioned.

SEO is simply a way to promote your cleaning service website on Google so that you will gain visibility on Google ranking. It requires a little knowledge of how Google algorithms work. Don’t worry; it’s not as complicated as you think.

Through SEO you can bring your website to the front page of Google search so that when someone searches for an item using set keywords relating to your business, your website will pop up first or be seen on the front page of the Google search.

However, due to space, I may not be able to write so much about SEO. You can read it up on the internet by googling it. Or if you don’t want to face that entire technical hurdle you can as well hire an SEO expert to help you handle this. Some of them are affordable especially freelancers.

Make your official car an Advert Board:

Have you ever seen some company cars covered all over with designs and write-ups about the company? They’re simply using that avenue to promote their service.

It’s a very good way of promoting your service. You never can tell how many people in your city will see your car every day.

Some of them may require cleaning services for their homes, offices, churches, events, and the likes. It is even possible that some of them can put a call through right on the spot where they saw your car with your contact details conspicuously displayed on it.

Why not capitalize on this very easy way of advertising your cleaning business?

You can use car wraps for this or customized magnet clings.

Some of the information you can display on the body of the car can be your company website, phone number, and logo.

Don’t make the car look clumsy by putting too much information. The website will do. Anybody who wants to learn more about your services or your company can visit your website.

Ask for Testimonials:

This is one of the fastest ways to onboard new clients. You can have a page on your website where clients whom you’ve rendered cleaning services to, talk about your service and how satisfied they were.

When prospects read this, it bridges the trust gap and endears them to your business.

Testimonials help your company gain goodwill in the eyes of prospects. It reveals competence, integrity, and solidifies trust even before prospects do business with you.

To make the testimonial more believable and authentic you can ask the clients who have agreed to testify about your business to agree to have their photograph posted alongside what they’ll say about your business. The picture you use makes it more genuine and clears doubt from the minds of prospects.


Having read through these simple nine tips on how to advertise your cleaning business, why not pick one or more of the tips and start implementing right away!

I assure you, you’ll start seeing dramatic turnarounds in your cleaning business. Trust me on this.

If you have any questions, contributions, or concerns why not hop into the comment section and let me know about it. I’d love to hear.

To your success!

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