Who To Call For Water In Crawl Space

Do you know who to call for water in crawl space? Does homeowners insurance cover water in crawl space?

Moisture issues can cause a lot of challenges for homeowners. One part of the home was built specifically to insulate the home from moisture in the crawl space.

While it serves this purpose, there are limitations to how much moisture can be controlled. This is especially true when water collects within the crawl space.

Such water can collect from many sources both natural and artificial. They include a high water table, burst pipe or leak, surface water flooding among other possible scenarios.

Who To Call To Fix Water Problems In Crawl Space

Now, the main focus of this article is to discuss the professional to call for water in the crawl space.

Are you faced with such a situation but wonder who the appropriate person to handle any fixes will be?

We’re here to help. You’ll need to read through for information on how to go about contacting the right professional for the job.

A Foundation Repair Contractor

Not all foundation repair contractors are experienced in crawl space waterproofing and drainage repairs. You’ll have to find one with such experience or specialization, to begin with.

A lot of times, there are misconceptions about what a foundation repair contractor does.

Contractors who handle water removal from flooded basements are different from those who offer fixes to water in crawl space.

You’ll need to be very clear on who you contact as there’s a need to understand the service or range of services specialized in by a contractor.

For example, you shouldn’t expect companies specialized in drying out flooded basements to also provide solutions for standing water in crawl spaces.

You’ll need to understand that these companies are most skilled in clearing out any mess resulting from flooding but hardly offer any preventive solutions.

Your best shot at resolving the problem largely depends on getting the right professional for the job.

A foundation repair contractor with experience in crawl space drainage and waterproofing will be the ideal person for the job.

Possible Solutions to Standing Water in Crawl Space

When an experienced and specialist foundation repair contractor is called to get the job done, there are multiple scenarios for resolving the problem.

The contractor discusses all available options with you. Plus, they recommend the best fixes to your problem.

Some of these fixes include the installation of a sump as well as an interior drain tile system. What more?

Crawl space encapsulation may also require the inclusion of a dehumidifier that helps get rid of excess moisture and humid conditions.

There are situations when a more comprehensive water control system may be recommended to forestall future occurrence of water in the crawl space.

Exterior waterproofing system installation might be recommended by the professional.

You Have a Responsibility As Well

Foundation repair contractors with experience in crawl space waterproofing and drainage repairs won’t do all the work for you.

This is a collaborative effort that requires identifying the problem and carrying out basic fixes. Some fixes may require calling technicians or contractors to handle the particular task being performed.

You’ll have to apply a wide range of solutions such as ventilation fans & vents, clearing your gutters of debris, and the use of dehumidifiers.

Other possible solutions to water in crawl space include inspecting plumbing systems for leaks, re-grading your yard where necessary, calling for crawl space encapsulation, and installation of downspouts extensions.

  • Ventilation Fans & Vents

As part of efforts to combat water in the crawl space, you might want to use ventilation fans and vents. Most times, crawl spaces hardly get adequate ventilation.

This makes any water collecting within this space difficult to get rid of.

With air being introduced by fans and vents provided for the escape of moisture-laden air, your crawl space should have fewer standing water issues.

However, this strategy is only one of several possible solutions you can provide. It’s also important to note that this might have multiple limitations.

  • Clearing Gutters of Debris

Debris accumulation in gutters easily leads to clogs which in turn results in redirection of water through spills to other areas such as the crawl space.

The simple task of having your gutters cleared or unclogged will help prevent standing water in the basement. This is especially true when the water source is traced to a clogged gutter.

  • Use of Dehumidifiers

The presence of humid air in homes arises from moisture in crawl spaces.

To prevent such humid air from making its way into your home, you’ll have to have dehumidifiers installed in your crawl space.

The professional you call to handle your moisture issues might recommend such.

  • Inspecting Plumbing Systems for Leaks

One of the artificial ways water collects in crawl space is from leaky pipes.

With leaky plumbing systems, you’ll have to turn off supply until the problem is fixed. Under such situations, the services of a plumber will be necessary to resolve the problem.

So, instead of calling a foundation repair contractor specialized in crawl space waterproofing and drainage repair, you’ll have to call a plumber to help fix the problem.

For a more comprehensive approach, you might also call for crawl space waterproofing.

  • Re-Grading your Yard

Your yard’s topography will largely determine how water flows.

The ideal situation will be to have water flowing away from your foundation and not towards it. If it does flow toward your foundation, then it’s high time to have your yard re-graded.

Under such situations, the services of landscapers or foundation repair contractors will help achieve desired results.

  • Calling for Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl space encapsulation is central to keeping water out of crawl spaces.

However, it must be performed in conjunction with other strategies mentioned above. Only then will you have relief from pooling water in the crawl space.

  • Installation of Downspout Extensions

The key reason for having downspout extensions installed is to channel water as far away from your foundation as possible. Without such extensions, water will likely get dumped close to your foundation.

The simple act of having these extensions added goes a long way to keep your crawl space unaffected by running water from the roof.

Now you know who to call when faced with standing water in a crawl space. If such water arises from plumbing system leaks, a plumber will be the right person to call.

On the other hand, foundation repair contractors will provide all sorts of waterproofing solutions.

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